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FortKnox's Journal: Aqua Teen Hunger Force 2

Journal by FortKnox
my name iz...
the mic rulah
the old schoolah
you wanna trip,
I'll bring it to ya

Frylock and I'm on top
rock you like a cop
Meatwad you're up next
with your knock-knock

Meatwad make the money see
Meatwad get the honeys G
Drivin in my car,
livin' like a star
Ice on my fingers and my toes
and I'm a Taurus

ha ha, check it, uh, check-check it, yeah
'cuz we are tha Aqua Teenz
make the homeys say ho
'n the girlies wanna scream

'cuz we are tha Aqua Teenz
make the homeys say ho
'n the girlies wanna scream
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
numba one in tha hood, G

Don't ask, its one of 'those' fridays...
Or feel free to ask. Its a cartoon on CTN thats on Sundays in middle of the night. Its part of the "Adult Swim" block, written by the guys that do 'Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast'. Definitely worth a watch if you like that kinda stuff and are up Sunday nights. Its an absolute must for TiVo users (like me). :-)
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Aqua Teen Hunger Force

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