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Comment Re:Free Publicity For Amazon! Yay! (Score 1) 267

I think that Amazon has also correctly identified that the two main barriers for people shopping online are the inability to verify the goods with your own eyes and the delay between your order and its arrival. This is why they cut a deal with the postal services to make them deliver Amazon packages on a Sunday.

Amazon is also pursuing a seamless shopping experience that facilitates impulse buying. This is the reason for the way their shopping cart is designed with as few clicks between the customer and purchase as possible. Instant delivery is just another way of making sure a customer doesn't have to think about their purchase before pulling the trigger.

Comment Re:They aren't really still blaming DPRK, are they (Score 1) 51

From what I know the attackers used an entry point in South America. Apparently Sony had set up workstations there as part of a charity drive or some such and left the workstations running with unupdated access to the companies VPN. Some lucky hacker found the terminal and got into the network from a trusted machine, which they used to pivot into the unencrypted file system and exfiltrate the data. Among the data was a file with the unencrypted passwords to most of the network that they used to compromise every single machine. There was an Ars article about it at some point.

Comment Re: Sounds nicely balanced... (Score 1) 331

To be frank no one gives a shit about your well being in this case. The strength of an economy is derived from the average buying power of the citizen (ie the middle class) balanced to a certain extent with the ability to open a business. In this case the balance has swung far far towards towards the side of business owners. If you think that it is healthy for our economy for american workers to be competing with third world lower class workers in our country then you do not have a solid grasp of economics.

I have pointed out in other comments how this is unhealthy. The reason comes down to fixed costs. In a country with a high standard of living fixed costs are much higher to compensate and this creates a margin between a persons fixed costs and their actual earnings that is their discretionary income. When you start replacing these people with cheap labor and start suppressing wages then their discretionary income becomes so small that they are not able to generate value for the economy by buying things and investing. The most healthy economies in the world are ones that promote the power of the middle class to create a large group of people with buying power that can support many industries.

As a people we recognize that it is healthy for our country to have high standards of living so we ask our government to act in the way that will benefit us, and sometimes this means sheltering american workers to protect our own industries. We as a people are not obligated to slake your thirst for cheap labor because we understand that these actions are unhealthy in the country for the long term. As a businessman it is you responsibility to understand that the people of this country have a certain standard of living and if you are unable to accommodate that then take your business to India. It's part of the social contract for operating a business just being obligated to serve people regardless of race or ethnicity.

The argument was never about you. It was about what our government should be doing to promote the welfare of its people.

Comment Re:Terrible User Reviews (Score 1) 367

It's a trade off. Users are far more harsh on bugs and crashes in a game and tend to bomb the reviews with 1s when it happens. And frankly why not? If I am unable to play a game at all due to errors then my experience is certainly a 1 because my enjoyment could not possibly be lower. Critic reviews tend to stay in the comfort zone of 7-9 and I feel that user reviews get a bad rap for being on extreme ends of the spectrum, but the aggregate of the user scores tends to still be useful information in regards to whether the game has achieved a certain level of polish.

A perfect example is of halo master chief collection which every reviewer showered with praise. As it turns out the games multiplayer was completely broken, and is still broken to this day as far as I know. Only the user reviews reflected this because all of the reviewers did their critiques in a controlled environment provided by Microsoft and never got to test the game on an Internet connection, just lan. This is a very real scenario where those who ignored the user reviews payed the price.

Comment Re: short the stock (Score 5, Insightful) 607

Except this is bullshit. Consumers only benefit from reduced prices to a point because they have to be able to afford fixed costs such as insurance, food, and rent. Fixed costs that have skyrocketed in recent years. An iPhone being 20$ less means nothing to a family that may have 100$ a month in discretionary income after taxes.

The healthiest economies in the world are the ones that rigorously maintain the middle class because the amount of money in the global economy means precisely dick after people's fixed costs are being met. What matters most to the economy is that money is able to freely flow through as many people as possible because when money changes hands value is created. This isn't about a few hundred thousand jobs. This is about entire communities being impacted because the buying power of the average american is being undermined by cost cutting measures, and as more and more people approach their discretionary income margins the more the economy suffers as there is less capital for luxuries and investment in new technologies.

It is simply stupid to suggest that the economy losing middle class jobs is somehow a benefit.

Comment Re:Impossible to tell... (Score 1) 500

You are definitely right that down the line this will be a non factor, but really I think that his stunt has done what it needed. With the added blitz of new customers his company may well grow to the point where it can generate enough revenue to feed the hungry marketing budget, and more customers -especially happy ones- can generate word of mouth. It's a positive cycle with size allowing the company to grow bigger. The most difficult part for any business is gaining traction, and the massive amount of publicity should give him just that.

Comment Re:SO when you pay people... (Score 2) 500

Greece's problems have far less to do with socialism and far more to do with rampant corruption, fraud, and tax evasion. Seriously, good government has very little to do with size. What is important is that the government is efficiently allocating what resources it has for the common good of the people(people, not businesses and special interests).

Comment Re:The problem isn't music distribution (Score 2) 111

Saint Louis has had a very vibrant arts community for a while mostly due to free admittance to most of the city museums, parks, and our zoo (all of which are located in Forrest Park within easy walking distance of each other). I think this results in a much wider variety of people becoming exposed and involved in the arts community which drives demand for payed programs like the symphony and opera.

Funny enough the people here are very proud of our free attractions. We have the only free zoo in the world, and when a bill was submitted to start charging non residents (people who don't pay taxes that support the zoo) for admissions it was resoundingly defeating in a public referral.

Comment Re:sigh... (Score 2) 253

And do you not think that the same could be said for most of the Muslim conflicts? Do you know anything at all about the tribal history of the middle east and how that has factored in to religious violence? There are many Arab tribes in that region using religion as a pretext for violence the most notable today is Saudi Arabian support of ISIS as a method of weakening Iraq which has been a regional rival for oil and political power. Your implication that violence in the middle east is solely due to religious influence betrays your ignorance.

Comment Re:Judgement before facts (Score 2) 328

The thing is that regardless of whether or not they were attacked by the security staff they were in the act of trespassing. If they are trespassing and refuse to be detained by the security staff then the security staff should do what they are hired to do and remove the trespassers. You can't claim that you were assaulted by an angry homeowner wielding a baseball bat if you were in the process of robbing him.

Further more I believe that any harm caused in the commission of a crime is automatically elevated to a felony count. Since they were in commission of criminal trespassing (something no one seems to be disputing) then any harm brought to the security staff is immediately felony assault.

Comment Re:Isn't this a no brainer? (Score 1) 474

All content that is passed through the web follows a request response model. If I send a request for data to a server and that server returns the data then the transaction is done. If you didn't want me to view the content then you are free to not respond to my request which is what this publisher is doing. If you add content to an open port facing the internet with no barriers or restrictions you are acknowledging that the content is freely available.

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