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Comment: Re:Routing around it. (Score 1) 474 474

If only there was a way to view the comment history of person on slashdot who has posted as not anonymous. That way we can see if that person has been abusive in any way to call them out on that based on known comments.

In a less sarcastic manner, I have never engaged in any form of harassment, and I have never insulted or demeaned another throughout the entire situation. I have never posted a single message to twitter, I do not have a facebook account, I don't have any other forum accounts on any other sites besides slashdot. My advice is in general for arguing on the internet and face to face. If you want to make someone defensive, rude and angry then treat them without respect.

Comment: Re:Routing around it. (Score 1) 474 474

Ignoring comments and language that offend you is vastly different from deleting them.

A pro tip for not being harassed for your opinion is to approach others and their opinions with respect regardless of whether or not they deserve it, then firmly provide a rebuttal to their arguments. Most backlash that I have seen results from trolls whose goal is to make you feel as frightened and uncomfortable as possible, and from people who feel that they and their views are being unjustly dismissed out of hand. When someone holds a belief they generally do so because they feel they understand the topic, and have a solid grasp on the evidence. It isn't always the case that they know as much as they think they do(dunning-krueger anyone?), but if you are going to challenge that position you have to respect their position as you expect them to respect your own. Simply telling them that they are wrong, and an idiot or a Luddite is only going to make them frustrated and defensive.

Obviously this isn't a perfect solution, and many people are still harassed, mainly by the former of the mentioned backlash groups, but a little more respect would go along way towards civil discourse.

Comment: Re:Future proofing (Score 1) 557 557

On the topic of more than you need: basements. If you have the option of digging a basement always dig it deep. My parents had this issue in their house when they first built it. They dug the basement to only about 7 feet and because it didn't have a pump they never bothered with making it any larger. A few years later they decide to put in a pump and renovate the basement into a lounge area. Looks great but you bang your heads on the ceiling the entire time. (the extra drywall + carpet makes the margin even smaller). It would have cost peanuts to dig the basement to 10ft as opposed to 7ft and with the renovation would have added significantly more space to the area.

Comment: Re:Only now? (Score 1) 95 95

Most test strips are one time use. The big issue here isn't that they can monitor the levels, but that they can do it accurately. Even now there is a variance of about 10% in the current models. Accuracy also goes down over usage and the last thing you want is to send some poor sap into hypoglycemia because the pump got a wrong reading.

Comment: Bullshit (Score 3, Informative) 389 389

Except this is all bullshit because the courts have already ruled that the Patriot Act does not authorize snooping. It was a generous reading that let this happen in the first place. For those wondering this was probably the biggest reason that the EFF pulled their support: because if an amendment to the Patriot Act was to acknowledge that snooping was restricted then it would also implicitly acknowledge that snooping was legal when not violating those restrictions. Not passing the extension would actually do more to kill snooping than the proposed changes being made. (in the legal sense they will obviously find some other bullshit from 50+ years ago to justify this crap)

Comment: Re:ENOUGH with the politics! (Score 1) 1094 1094

Also something about the Canadian medical industry that most people don't know is that their funding for you medical care is limited to a cap every month and when that cap is used up you are on your own. Want to know where the most Canadian hip replacements are done? Cleveland, OH.

Comment: Degradation (Score 2) 50 50

I have heard that there can be degradation between the squishy bits and the electronic interfaces for these kinds of prosthetics. Any word on whether these limbs suffer the same problem? From the sound of it, it seems like the interface isn't directly connected to the tissue.

Comment: Re: My Kids Don't Text (Score 2) 387 387

They is a very good reason: emergency communication. If my child gets in a car crash I want them to be able to call me without having to hike to the nearest shop to borrow a landline. In the same vein if you know you are going to have to work late you can call your child and let them know to try and get a ride/generally coordinate in the face of unforeseen circumstances. I agree that smartphones are wholly unnecessary.

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