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Comment Re:Take back Slashdot (Score 2) 1304

How about as a bonus to subscribers mod points expire in more time? Unless I am willing to dump 15 mod points into a single discussion then I am rarely able to spend them all. It makes the process feel a little pointless. How bout a subscriber's mod points take a week or so to expire instead of a few days? That would be a value add for me.

I would NOT however give mod points based on subscriber status as that violates the principal that mod points should be distributed to the people who occupy the middle ground so as to encourage a more moderate discussion, and I am NOT advocating that the mod points should exceed the current 5-15 distribution. Armed with 15 mod points I can almost shape the entire discussion thread as is. If someone was able to accrue a large pile of points I shudder to think of the damage.

Having extra time on mod points would enable people to pay for convenience and time. It is something that I would spend money on if it were an option.

Comment Re:That's exactly what Slashdot should NOT do! (Score 1) 1304

Nothing sounds off a debate faster than a Troll on Slashdot. The sheer number of people that pile on with well written comments denouncing and disproving wild assertions is what keeps the site a relevant place for discussion. No one here packs their bags for a subreddit that will massage their ego in an echo chamber.

Submission + - Linux Distro Used By Snowden Designed for Internet Anonymity Has 2.0 Release 1

A_Mythago writes: The Amnesic Incognito Live System (Tails) has finalized version 2.0 which has several improvements and updates to continue to meet their mission of preserving privacy, anonymity and circumventing censorship without a trace using a Debian 8.0 custom live distro.

More details about Edward Snowden's use of Tails and the distro itself can be found at a previous Slashdot story from 2014

Comment Re:Still ignoring the issue (Score 1) 285

This hits close but one of the targets is off the mark. It is colusion between the drug companies and the insurance providers that catches the hospitals in the middle. Every year the price of every drug goes up by 10-15% and the hospital can't do a damned thing except budget for more drug increases. What else can they do? Let their patients die? Because the drug and insurance companies sure as hell will throw a few patients over board to pressure the hospitals.

Comment Re:Calories do not exist (Score 1) 425

I think the thrust of the article was that the calories in food are not all usable so in terms of controlling a diet a calorie is not always a useful metric. In the case of that sentence -Eating food not calories- could be very true if we are considering eating 400 calories of a small sandwich and salad vs. 400 calories of pure sugar. In the case of the sugar you can be pretty sure to get very close to 100% efficiency in absorbing that energy as apposed to the general meal which is high in fiber and other non-digestible cell walls.

The thing is that this imprecise system of measurement should be helping people lose weight assuming they are accurately counting calories as it would mean they are absorbing less energy than what they think they are, not hurting people in their weight loss endeavors as the article implies.

Comment Re:I guess it's easier... (Score 5, Interesting) 425

I would recommend reading the article. For once they actually linked to an in depth discussion of the topic and the author cites a lot of useful information. For inctance, there is wild variance in calories based on whether or not the food you eat is completely cooked. Large pieces of meat can be potentially hundreds of less usable calories if prepared rare instead of well done.

It is this evidence that the article uses to criticize the calorie because a calorie is a measure of the absolute value of energy in the food you eat not the measurement of what the usable amount of energy is. Furthermore the article delves into how those calorie measurements are taken, and cites several pieces of evidence that those calorie amounts are highly inaccurate.

The article also disuses the role that gut bacteria play in our digestion, citing an example where a mother had gut bacteria transplanted from here obese daughter and gained 40 lbs without any change to diet an exercise. Thus diet and exercise are not the only influences of what we gain and how much. The article is littered with such evidence.

It is not just as simple as the food pyramid which, btw has been a broken model since its inception. Protein is supposed to occupy the lowest rung not carbohydrates and this has been well understood for years. Any doctor should be able to tell you that.

In the end I do understand where you are coming from. After all I am someone that lost 60+ lbs just by counting calories, but there are a lot of things that I could verify within the article based on my experiences. Such as continued unexplained weight loss even when I seemingly exceeded the maximum calories per day that I should have been eating. The article is definitely worth your time to read and even if you disagree with the assertion that the calorie is a broken method of measurement there is still a lot of useful information present.

Comment Re:Say what you will (Score 4, Informative) 231

The simpler solution that you are describing was the kind of system that was implemented prior to iOS 8. iOS devices have had encryption as long as I can remember but the implementation was changed into one that Apple could no longer access. Thus Apple did have access in another system now they don't. Ergo they spent development time and money to implement a solution that they could not access. Whatever your beef with Apple at least acknowledge that this is a positive step forward.

Comment Re:Doesn't matter anyway (Score 1) 139

It was the implication that something was wrong with what happened, that the concept of the 'Fireball' was somehow taken from another rather than having grown naturally out of the ideas of others and shared through the culture. On top of that nothing illegal or even immoral happened in the sharing of ideas that happened in exactly the way that it was supposed to.

The summary truly comes from the mistaken belief that everything everywhere is owned and created by one easily traceable person.

Comment Episode 7 sucked (Score 1, Informative) 203

Hopefully it will give them time to make a good movie unlike that poorly directed poorly paced clusterfuck of a movie that spent all of the character development time ignoring the two new and interesting actors in favor of more overly long actions scenes and cameos with characters whose actors stopped giving a shit in 1980.

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