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Comment Re:What a great idea! (Score 2) 125

My guess is that this will be marketed towards governments to protect capital buildings from drone attacks. Just recently in Japan someone managed to fly a drone with radioactive and onto the roof of the parliament building and left it there for a week before anyone found it. There have also been other such incidents involving drones, and the white house, to which the secret service have admitted they have no way to stop. These will be far out of reach of you average Joe.

Comment Re:More corporate welfare! (Score 3, Informative) 317

If you had read the article you would know that Texas doesn't subsidize solar. The made a vast improvement to their power grid that would allow private businesses to do what they will with it. In fact you will probably find that this measure is quite popular in Texas as they are quite proud that their state has its own energy grid. The key difference here is that Texas owns its own power lines, and any investment in their lines directly benefits everyone.

Energy as a whole is very well done in Texas. When I lived their for 5 years I had a choice between at least 5 power companies at any address I chose, and I could select the source of my power, be it hydro, wind or solar. Renewables isn't some crazy conspiracy to the people there. Just another option.

Comment Re:Get Self-Employed (Score 1) 268

Exactly. Also in a system like the one in the United States the ones at higher monetary risk for the insurance companies are the poor. They can't afford to go to doctor as frequently, they work in more physically oriented jobs exposing them to greater risk for injury, and they have less collateral in case of default. All this means that if you are poor you will be called upon to pay higher premiums to insurance companies than a rich person, and these are the people who can least afford it.

In essence, healthcare in the United States is a system of the poor subsidizing the rich through higher premiums. The logical solution to this is to shift the costs to taxation. It has the benefit of ensuring that more poor people get the medical attention they need instead of waiting to get a checkup on that heart pain they've been having.

This kind of preventative care reduces the cost of health care to everyone, while at the same time freeing up much needed capital for poorer families to invest and better their situation. For instance they can make sure that their car doesn't break down thus costing them their job.

Does this mean that rich people will have to drop more into the pot? Sure, but these are services that required for a healthy population, and I would much rather have the rich subsidizing the poor than the other way around.

Comment Re:Maybe a reddit user can provide more insight (Score 1) 410

Are people being shadow banned for being involved in unpopular sub-reddits?

I don't know, but there was period where offensive sub-reddits were locked and required an email address and consent to view. During an interview with the CEO one user asked whether this was a tactic to identify any people who were involved with the sub-reddits. While it remains unsubstantiated it raises an interesting question. I am sure that Reddit logged the email addresses, and we will know within the next couple of weeks whether this was a plan to out visitors for shadowbans or overt bans.

Comment Re:Sure it can work (Score 1) 418

Honestly I struggle to think of a small business where losing one employee would be disastrous outside of a small startup, but that dives into the realm of whether women should be expected to set aside their family life for their career. Either way, it is probably poor planning if maternity leave isn't something that your business can handle outside of the lead-up and launch periods.

Comment Re:Sure it can work (Score 1) 418

The law that I was looking at required 6 weeks before and 8 weeks after with 12 weeks for women who had multiple births c-section or premature birth. More importantly there were a host of other protections concerning pay scale during their time off (average of last 13 weeks before pregnancy was known), and not being fired for taking leave.

Comment Re:Sure it can work (Score 3, Insightful) 418

This sounds like it would be the case, but in this instance there is no evidence to support it. Comapnies that have ehnacted longer term maternity and paternity leave have reported that they have had little to no disruption in the work force. This is probably because it generally isn't a surprise when the baby is born as you generally have at least a couple months notice to train a replacement for the duration of the leave.

Also as the GP pointed out many other civilized countries offer vastly more leave, and it hasn't overly detracted from worker productivity. The average German worker is still light years ahead of the competition in productivity. And this is the country that MANDATES time off before and after childbirth under the Mutterschutzgesetz, Maternity Protection Act of 1968.

Comment Re:Yea!! (Score 1) 210

I'll second the sentiments about chasing balance. The only real imbalance resulted from vagueness in the writing and willful misinterpretation. (no the dragonwraught kobold does make you a dragon by the definition of the draconomicon granting you access to greater mighty wallop). I will no longer play a role-playing game where I don't have the option to play as a flying barbarian that lights himself on fire with flame strikes while fighting.

Comment Re:War on Whistleblowers (Score 1) 608

I call it a Kangaroo court because it is a trial in name only, and the process is rigged. Under the laws that others have pointed out Snowden is prevented from even making a case for his defense. Unless the jury decides to use Jury Nullification they might as well not show up to save themselves the travel fees.

I realize that the definition is non standard, but I think it accurately describes this situation where the results are decided well before the trial begins in a process that is flagrantly unconstitutional.

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