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Comment: Toads are the andswer (Score -1) 153

by For a Free Internet (#48611563) Attached to: In IT, Beware of Fad Versus Functional

Toads are not agile. TOads do not need to be agile. Toads are already exactly where they need to be. Toads do not live in clouds. Toads live on the ground, unless they are flying toads, or hyperspace toads, or subterranean intelligent toads. Toads are the foundation of all programming languages. Toads melted steel inb teh WTC. Toads can write in all languages and speak four languages. Toads have fifty eyes on their heads, which is 48 more eyes than most humanes. Toads rule the world with justice for all.

Comment: Tendency of the rate of profit to fall! (Score -1) 92

Only the exploitation of living labor brings profit. Capitalism sets itself up for another crisis. Only a planned economy under workers control, made possibel by the revolutionary expropriation of the expropriators, offers a way out of looming barbarism.

Interchangeable parts won't.