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Comment: America is Booming on Toads (Score -1, Offtopic) 115

by For a Free Internet (#47517367) Attached to: 'Optical Fiber' Made Out of Thin Air

Hello fellow internet champions. America is at a turning point and you and I know that it has to do with toads and Slashdort. But what you might not know is the signal importance of Italiy in all this. Italiy is involved in the highest levels of Slashdort. Most of Slashdort's editors are Italian operatives. I should know: I am Italian and I know everything about Italiy and its army of harmonic toads poised to sap the moral fiber of Kentucky and other states. Remember, B-flat or B-sharp! But no other keys are permitted untiol we get the toad problem under control with the aid of JESUS and HAM SANDWICJRS.

Comment: It's toad time! (Score -1) 92

by For a Free Internet (#47435397) Attached to: Lyft's New York Launch Halted By Restraining Order

Gentlemen and lady! Check your hats! Examine closely all hats! Do not feead the toads! Do not stroke the toads! Do not bake the toads or take the toads home with you or leave them in between the paasages of a book or brgain over melons with the toads or get a haircut from an old Italian barber or a Chinaman with the toads! Beware toads and all other amphibians and some species of reptile! Beware the eyes of the toads and also his doctorate! And his fumigante! Communism! Radical freedom! Toad purposefully into the future!

Comment: Good! (Score -1, Troll) 364

by For a Free Internet (#47419609) Attached to: The Pentagon's $399 Billion Plane To Nowhere

It was a great thing that the U.S. imperialists were defeated by the Vietnamese workers and peasants. If it weren't for Vietnam kicking U.S. imperialist ass, women here wouldn't have the right to abortion and the racist death penalty would be even more widespread. Every defeat for U.S. imperialism is a victory for the workers and oppressed in America and around the worlr. But while this is a gratifying empbarrassment for the bloody war pigs, the only force more powedrful than U.S. imperialism is the international working class and, crucially, its U.S. division. For a Soviet America!

Comment: Nobody on here knows about biology (Score -1) 54

by For a Free Internet (#47357939) Attached to: 'Vampire' Squirrel Has World's Fluffiest Tail

Biology is for girls and according to Karl Popper, who is the God of capitalsm alongside the idiot saint Anne Raynd, it is not even a science, just a hobby.

Plus, can you prove that these are squirrels and not toads? I think they are arboreal toads, not that I'm into biology or knitting or any other stupid Italian girl stuff.

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