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Comment Re:browsers (Score 1) 347 347

Yes, but not effectively. You can only interact with the WebKit JavaScript system by passing strings into your hidden UIWebView component. And the JS could only "call out" to the host environment by requesting custom URLs that the host environment could recognize (e.g. custom://show-alert/?message=foo+bar). As a consequence, if you want to do anything requiring back and forth between the two environments, you have to do it asynchronously. It's a real pain.

Comment That's not a company (Score 0) 165 165

You're not selling a company. You're selling a product, and an unproven one at that. No one is going to buy this from you, because even figuring out how much it's worth would be a costly endeavor. And what are they going to get for your "company?" A zip file full of source code?

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