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+ - CIO's Told to Leave Innovation To Marketing

Submitted by Foofoobar
Foofoobar (318279) writes "Apparently all the REAL innovation in the technology sector these days is in marketing as now IT departments are being told to leave innovation to marketing, accounting and sales. While Marketing is outspending IT departments, does this necessarily mean that the innovation comes from them or that this is a marketing driven culture now?"

+ - Api Chaining->

Submitted by Foofoobar
Foofoobar (318279) writes "The Grails Api Toolkit offers a new feature called Api Chaining. Api Chaining is a fluent interface that offers the ability to chain api calls by url encoding them and allowing the response to loop through them. An online spec for this new api functionality is online. Reviews from the Api development community are positive but what do you think?"
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Comment: Groovy and Griffon (Score 1) 278

by Foofoobar (#39106575) Attached to: Best Language For Experimental GUI Demo Projects?
For those who love how Groovy/Grails makes Java less verbose and its convention over configuration approach, I highly recommend Griffon. It can work with Swing, AWT, QT or whatever you want to use and is very clean, simple and easy to understand and is based on tried and true technologies and libraries.

Comment: Re:New technology, old mindsets (Score 1) 559

by Foofoobar (#39015793) Attached to: Global Christianity and the Rise of the Cellphone
I never made a decision for them. You are making a decison for them when you force it down their throat by installing it on their phone. You make a decision for people when you shove it in their mailbox, or put a pamphlet on their car. Now you make that decision to put in on their phone. I merely say 'let people come to their own conclusions on their own and ask their own questions'. You seem to think people need to have every religion shoved in their face.

Isn't atheism/agnosticism/secular humanism an answer too? in which case. why are you shoving all this other nonsense in their face? They already have a conclusion and you are assuming you need to force yours on them.It is best to assume your anser is right for you and let others come to their own PERSONAL answer.

Comment: Re:New technology, old mindsets (Score 1) 559

by Foofoobar (#39005517) Attached to: Global Christianity and the Rise of the Cellphone
How is that a false premise? All scientific proofs, arguments, evidence cannot show the existence of a deity and as akhams ravor clearly states, the simplest explanation is often the clearest solution. Religion is self proving and therefore self defeating. Science at least is object in its puruit of truth so it can find real answers whereas religious has no ability to be objective; at the end of the day if they find god does not exist, god will STILL exist.

Comment: Re:New technology, old mindsets (Score 0) 559

by Foofoobar (#39004939) Attached to: Global Christianity and the Rise of the Cellphone
A knotty problem? which problem is that? the problem that no one asked for bibles in those countries where people are going? The problem that no one asked to be converted? the problem that no one gives a crap about their superstitious ideas and religioun? Indeed... that is a knotty problem that requires us to start brainwashing immediately.

Comment: Re:Or, You Know, You Could NOT Be a Complete Dick (Score 1) 107

by Foofoobar (#37908376) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Learning Dart Development?
Thank you for an (rare) intelligent response and an even more rare modding up one. I for one am intrigued in DART as well because i always wanted a compilable replacement to Javascript so my code wasn't constantly needing to be downloaded and compiled on the fly or was cached for everyone to view and copy. My only bitch is that I effectively have to rebuild chrome in order to try and run DART and do anything with it.

Having played with it, it is very similar to Java's Groovy in alot of ways but the compilation of DART is so much of a pain that it will probably turn off alot of people until it gets built into Chrome. And the sooner the better.

Comment: Re:I stopped reading the responses after... (Score 2) 920

by Foofoobar (#37891194) Attached to: The White House Responds To We the People Petition
Yeah their response on marijuana was just a blanket statement on ALL drugs stating about an addictive nature and drug rehabilitation; ok then, when are we going to rehabilitate our president for the time he smoked in college or all the senators when they hit the bong at the frat house? When are they all going to be rehabilitated? How about the voting public that never commits crimes to support their marijuana habit... when are they getting rehabilitated? Because, excuse the pun but this seems like a smoke screen. Marijuana is about as addictive as beer and about as harmful but can actual have medical purposes such as helping with anxiety or appetite in cancer patients (or the odd case of glaucoma). Making some sort of blanket stament on drug addiction does not really apply when having a discussion/discourse on marijuana as very few people have to go to Betty Ford for marijuana addiction screwing up their lives or causing them to sell everything they own to get their next ounce of marijuana. Its just a bullshit response So how about we have a REAL discussion and talk about the REAL reason why... its the same reason you dont want gays to marry because you dont have the balls to make the change. You dont have the courage to commit. You know it doesnt make sense, you all went to college and hit the bong as senators and congressman but now you feel free to be hypocrites when even your constituency knows its harmless.

So what is it going to take to get a serious response especially from someone who smoked and became president??

Comment: Mac != UNIX (Score 1) 708

by Foofoobar (#37832746) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: GNU/Linux Laptops?
I jumped onto Macs several years back because they were a nice platform for Java development but over the years I learned alot fo shortcomings that MAC has if you are a Java dev, open source advocate and just as a laptop in general: 1) 8 GB memory limit. This is what they tell you. This is what they support. This is their max in all their software... supposedly. You can look REALLY hard and find places that you can get upgrades to 16GB but if you are doing any VM'ing, graphics and/or heavy processing, 8GB's maxes out quick. And just to tell you how quickly, my wife actually got a new Macbook pro 2 weeks ago with 8GB of memory and it used 5GB with only a web browser open 2) not configurable. You can't change the battery and you can BARELY change the memory. They are working on fixing it so you cant even do that without bringing it in; they are switching to custom screws that no one sells screw drivers for and if you use existing screw drivers, you will strip the screws and make it so you can't fix or change out parts if they are broken. 3) HEAT!!! New mac book pro? 170 degrees in your lap when playing a youtube movie. 4) You dont own your media. Mac wants to index all your media, keep track of it, hunt it down and then make sure it doesn't work with anything if it doesn't recognize it. This isn't 100% true but they are dancing with media companies in that general direction and don't give a crap about consumers. 5) developers/open sources can go get screwed. Apple will gladly kick you off their app store and steal your ideas. Hell, they'll gladly kick you off the app store for arbitrary reasons. They have decided to tell Java developers to go get screwed. Macports breaks happily on updates and upgrades. So if you are in IT or are a software developer, get a machine that allows you to do software development and just create a Hackintosh as a VM. But if you are a consumer that wants to consume, go grab a Macbook so you can look cool with all your hipster friends before you go out for drinks; I'll be home programming.

Comment: Re:A parade and a funeral (Score 1) 262

by Foofoobar (#37745068) Attached to: Microsoft 'Hut' Opens Outside Seattle Apple Store
Yes I too miss Zune. I have been looking for an expensive way to hold down papers, fill my pocket and weight down mousies that I throw into the lake who can't pay their mafia debts. Now that Microsoft has bowed out of this lucrative market, who else is going to come forward to fill this HUGE markets demands???

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