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Comment: 10 minutes (Score 1) 865 865

I would park the car 10 minutes away from work. That way, you get a total of 20 minutes to walk to work and then back to the car. I can't say how far that should be, but you don't need to park at the same place all the time, change it up to change the scenery, just don't forget where you parked the car or park in a bad neighborhood. As you get more confidence, you can start to park further and further away.

Comment: Re:When will this end? (Score 3, Insightful) 226 226

Why would anyone write a virus that cannot effect 90% of potential targets.

Think about it. If you used an OS in that 10%, you would never suspect you had a virus on your system, would never bother to look for one. Meanwhile that keylogger, malware, whatever, will continue to work without you ever finding it.

Comment: Re:any good military has (Score 0) 209 209

We are winning in Iraq by ending the use of civilians as shields. We won in Vietnam by separating the combatants from the civilians.

I didn't know the Viet Cong was operating in Iraq.

Actually, the strategies used by the Viet Cong is what that resistance fighters use now. It has made fighting wars more complex and you can't tell a civilian from a soldier if the soldiers are dressed as civilians, or are below 17 years of age, etc.

Comment: Re:Proximity to greatness! (Score 0, Troll) 229 229

I have lived with three dudes over the past two years and they are all now running Ubuntu in one form or another having not even heard of any windows alternatives before


I live in the college dorm.

My bunk mates get 24 hour free technical support.

Well, the other translation is too weird to imagine.

Comment: Re:screenshots? (Score 1) 871 871

The fact that I couldn't install Linux on it (despite several failed attempts) was irritating, because my battery life was better on Linux (surprise!) and the tablet was significantly faster under Linux.

Wait. First you said that you can't install Linux on the tablet and felt irritated. Then you said the battery life for the tablet was better on Linux, and the tablet was faster under Linux. How did you come to that conclusion when you couldn't install Linux on it in the first place?

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