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Comment Not far enough (Score 1) 543

Until you can get all hannibal lecter on them I see no issue.

These complainers have ZERO legitimacy as they apparently never have a problem with the BBC, NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, HBO, and the rest showing violence, rape, torture, immoral and offensive behavior. Nope they are the first assholes to call the ACLU the moment someone complains about a fecal messiah, a picture of a prophet, or a work of art involving S&M imagery. The very people the demand TOLERANCE, resorting to violence frequently in the name of tolerance, once again show they are the most hipocritical intolerant SOBs walking Earth.

Comment Re:AC-130 mission (Score 2, Interesting) 543

That gave me a really cool idea that I hope someone has implemented already. In your scenario, imagine easy/normal mode would have you doing what your post suggested where hard mode would have you mobilize on the ground or get penalized in some way for hitting the civs. It would give people a moral incentive to play the game on a harder difficulty and could make the experience much more rewarding. I haven't played the game so if this seems off then forgive me.

Comment Re:F16-IN (Score 1) 392

The difference is that other contenders for the MMRCA contract will (apparently) come with source for the avionics software, while the F-16IN will not. It's not just India in fact; the UK is pissed about the "joint" F-35 for the same reason.

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