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Comment Re:Kinda dissagree (Score 2) 224

I don't remember anyone really talking about video game addiction until Everquest.

I remember talk about video game addiction back in the 80's when you had to go to an arcade. There was even a short about it on HBO about a guy whose wife and kids left him, but he didn't care because all he needed was another round of Galaga.

Comment Re:Shit (Score 1) 327

You are the piece of shit, scum like you deserves to have their family marched to the gas chamber. State worshipping pig fucker scum!

Butcher all right wingers. We need a civil war. Murder all families of right-wing voters.

What about all the family members who can't stand the right-wing nut in their family? You know, the nut who won't ever shut up about politics. The nut to whom you never speak because he thinks he knows everything and tries to prove you wrong about everything. The nut who actively tries to start arguments. The nut who disowns his own children because they don't share his right-wing politics or follow his psychotic Southern Baptist religion.

Comment Re:I am amazed and disappointed (Score 1) 343

Hillary the soon to be indicted felon?

Yes, yes. Just like how Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were all frog-marched out of the White House in handcuffs. Face it. Those in power rarely, if ever, have to suffer for their misdeeds. When they do, the misdeed is only the publicly stated reason. The actual reasons for it has nothing to do with the misdeed.

Comment Re:I only care about Trump! (Score 2) 343

We need an addon that replaces the following six words after a Trump mention with "Trump".

Ex: Person accuses Trump of pandering to racists, general intolerance, and fascism Becomes: Person accuses Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump, Trump Trump, and fascism

Well, how about eggs, sausage and Trump? That hasn't got too much Trump in it.

Comment Re:AKA "Stealing from citizens program" (Score 1) 232

Yes, agencies warn tourist not to drive through small towns in the US, because cops often take your money as you go through their towns using 'asset forfeiture' as an excuse.

Odd, I thought that was something you only had to worry about when visiting some corrupt, third-world shithole. Oh, wait...

Comment Re:The Simple Reason... (Score 1) 294

even though actual scientists like Carl Sagan are rolling their eyes

considering the man died almost 20 years ago, that would be an interesting scientific phenomenon indeed.

Sorry, I should have said "were" not "are". I was talking about the 1970s, after all. You can look, for example, at an episode of Cosmos where he discusses horoscopes and the state of science journalism. His criticism is actually rather understated and polite give how bad science journalism was then.

Comment The Simple Reason... (Score 4, Insightful) 294

...is that journalists generally don't know what they are talking about when it comes to science. They live in a world of politics and history, and they often even screw those up. It is generally accepted that, as a journalist, you don't really need to know the details of something, since an expert can explain it to you.

That said, science journalism, as bad as it is now, is still a lot better than in the 1970s. Then, they really didn't know anything. That's why you get stupid articles in Time and Newsweek about "global cooling" and the "coming ice age", even though actual scientists like Carl Sagan are rolling their eyes at the stupidity of journalists.

Comment Re:Race to the bottom (Score 1) 145

in point of fact in 1980 when trade started with China there was massive unemployment and inflation in the USA. You could say we were on the path to poverty. Your turn, moron

The unemployment rate was 7.1% in 1980, which then rose and fell in waves. Unemployment is actually worse today than then, due to the way the government now skews its numbers. And, despite the inflation of the 1970s, salaries and wages did reasonably keep pace. Not like today where wages and salaries are pretty much flat. Try using actual facts instead of right-wing talking points. Also, kindly go fuck yourself in the ass with a rusty hand blender until you bleed to death. The world will be better without you in it.

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