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Comment: Re:Aw shit! (Score 1) 73

by drinkypoo (#49619269) Attached to: Internet Customers Surpass Cable Subscribers At Comcast

I find myself watching youtube videos for my video, "normal TV is damn near unwatchable, with a 50 percent commercial rate, you can forget what program you were watching.

Agreed wholeheartedly. But then, I don't want to watch many shows. I want to mostly watch car stuff, and that is now better on youtube than it is on TV. I get both higher-quality video and more variety of content — which is also higher-quality than what's on TV. I mean, even when Top Gear was still a thing, they only did a handful of shows in a series anyway. You had to have something for the rest of the year.

Comment: Re:No suprise. Comcast TV is poor value for money (Score 1) 73

by drinkypoo (#49619259) Attached to: Internet Customers Surpass Cable Subscribers At Comcast

What is your UPLOAD speed and DATA CAP? Download speed is not the only metric of internet service. I get 100 down but only 10 up for almost $80/month. I dont consider it a good value because the upload is so low.

I don't even care about your problems a tiny, tiny bit. My best internet option is $65/mo for 6/1 from a WISP with egregious downtime and customer support to rival comcast (Digital Path.) Quit your crying.

Comment: Re:tip of the iceberg (Score 1) 970

by drinkypoo (#49619185) Attached to: Two Gunman Killed Outside "Draw the Prophet" Event In Texas

Yes your iimaginary strawman in your head is a prick - how about being brave enough to deal with reality instead of yelling at shadows?

You want people who believe in free speech to run and hide in the desert, what do you know of bravery? It's standing up for what you believe in, and you don't think people should do that. Why don't you just not log in, then you'll be labeled as what you are.

So the standoff is one piece of shit baiting a different sort of piece of shit.

A plan with no drawbacks.

Comment: Re:Maybe it's a sign... (Score 1) 26

by afidel (#49618883) Attached to: Cisco Names Veteran Robbins To Succeed Chambers as CEO

Cisco is all about software defined, from the Nexus 1000V (full on virtual), to the fact that every single Nexus switch sold today can be controlled through a robust REST based API Cisco has bought the software defined religion. The issue for them is that if you take away their special sauce then you can get 90% of the performance for 10% of the cost and probably 5% of the annual support costs through merchant silicon. Then again as a midsized enterprise I have zero need for a software defined featureset (the 1000V has some potential uses for us, but since it requires Enterprise Plus on the VMWare side and that would be a high 5 to 6 figure expense there's no way it's worth it) , I need a reliable and well supported platform with lots of other folks hitting on it harder than me so that they can find the bugs and have them fixed before I go to the next featuretrain upgrade. There's a reason that folks go with the big players, and it's not that they offer better phone support (dear lord do the not), it's that due to some sort of corollary to the many eyeballs theory if you have many defacto testers you find the bugs faster and get them ironed out before a large percentage of your userbase runs into them (generally).

Comment: Re:Single shop most likely (Score 2) 201

He's probably talking about a fresh install, not an upgrade. During the first stage GUI installer it won't even ask you if it detects a SLIC key, there are ways around it but it's basically doing the hokey pokey blindfolded for all the advanced user friendliness it provides (ie we know better than you mere mortal)

Comment: Re:Single shop most likely (Score 4, Informative) 201

I don't know if the installer somehow determined a preset key based on a unique identifier associated with the computer itself
It did, for large volume OEM's Microsoft has them burn the key into the BIOS which is why most don't come with the hologram sticker anymore, there's no need for it on Vista+ systems. The only problem it can sometimes cause is if you're doing a cross version and cross type install without an existing OS on the box (ie it came with 7 home and you're doing an upgrade install of 8.1 Enterprise)

Comment: Re:Far too expensive for a used car (Score 1) 63

by afidel (#49617277) Attached to: Tesla Adds Used Models To Its Inventory, For Online Purchase

Unlike internal combustion engines, electric brushless motors can last pretty much forever. Drivetrain wear is probably the #1 reason cars depreciate in value. If there's no wear, there's no depreciation.

ahem, about that.

Three drive train replacements in 30k in an ICE vehicle would qualify it under probably every states lemon laws.

Comment: Re:Since last move (Score 1) 85

by afidel (#49616353) Attached to: I've had my current ISP (disregarding mergers) for ...

I have two cable companies, U-Verse, and a WiSP available at my house, though only the competitive cable provider interests me since I have no desire to deal with any big telco at home since I deal with them way too much at work and the WiSP has some fairly restrictive limits on usage relative to my families usage (~200GB/month and we haven't even cut the cord yet, if we do I expect that to roughly double).

Comment: Re: I have *two* ISP... (Score 1) 85

by afidel (#49616211) Attached to: I've had my current ISP (disregarding mergers) for ...

My buddy who lives in the hill country (near Dripping Springs) uses a WiSP for his connection and uses T-Mobile's WiFi calling since literally no provider offers service at his ranch. If you want something a bit more convenient than the cell download two-step perhaps look to see if they're available in your part of the hill country =)

Comment: Re:Conservation of momentum (Score 1) 469

by drinkypoo (#49616171) Attached to: New Test Supports NASA's Controversial EM Drive

The EmDrive uses a sealed cavity. There's nowhere for any propellant to come out, even if there were any!

sure, the only thing it could do if it remained sealed would be emit black body radiation, and the whole reason this report is interesting is that it's apparently moving a lot more than you'd get from such a result. well, perhaps it could offgas, that's been mentioned elsewhere.

Comment: Re:Conservation of momentum (Score 1) 469

by drinkypoo (#49616153) Attached to: New Test Supports NASA's Controversial EM Drive

I totally understand what you're saying, and I agree entirely, except when it comes to conservation of momentum. It's a simple concept that is necessary for this Universe to make any sense and be stable in any way.

Not really. There may be well-defined circumstances in which it can be violated, which rarely occur in the "natural" order of things. In theory, planets can make their own functional electronic circuits through ordinary volcanic and geologic processes, in practice... 42, I guess. It has long been observed that the laws of physics seem to break down at very high and very low energy states. If they behave themselves at most other times, then most things will behave in a way that is highly predictable at most times.

Nondeterminism means never having to say you are wrong.