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Comment: Unintended Consequences (Score 1) 512 512

They happen you know, especially when someone can't figure out how to post "Ask Slashdot" stories in the "Ask Slashdot" section of the site. This site has sections and the ability to selectively ignore those sections for a reason. If editors fail to post stories in the correct section then it defeats the purpose of this feature and in turn that it undermines the value of the site as a whole. Quarterly revenue goes down, earnings estimates are missed, and executive bonuses take a hit. Rumor has it that several senior level executives had to move their kids to public school systems as a result. Please Timothy, post the stories in the right sections. if you can't do it for yourself, at least think of the children!

Comment: Re:Thank you Mr. Heston (Score 1) 268 268

RF jamming and/or GPS spoofing would be a better/easier way to down these craft, and a drop from 500 feet into a forest fire would have the same deleterious effect on the airframe that bullets would.

Except that for many drones the default behaviour in such a situation is to freeze like a deer in the headlights right where they are. That's not going to help anyone in this situation.

Comment: Re:Post a reward for finding this guy (Score 4, Funny) 268 268

I guess it's time to post a significant reward for information leading to the arrest of the person who did this. Apparently just the news stories about how stupid this is isn't enough to dissuade these idiots. So a good stiff fine is needed, and his drone seized. Hopefully that would finally send a message. Time for someone to 'fess up and spread the word to others.

Don't worry. The individual in question will self report via a youtube post within the next day or so. Problem solved.

Comment: Re:Sounds like reasonable changes to me (Score 2) 116 116

There are no standards to ratings, no commonality among them, and little in terms of a rational guideline to do the reviews. These changes impose a little bit of discipline, but IMHO, Amazon's search functions repel users more than the reviews attract them.

The latest trick I have been seeing is the "there's a newer version of this item" link on an item's page. Click on that link will just take you to the same item being sold by a different seller. I don't know how the seller is managing to get their version flagged that way though. No way to report the issue either.

Comment: AT&T's Fine (Score 4, Interesting) 272 272

AT&T's was fined for "deceptive business practices". It had nothing to do with "net neutrality". If Sprint is reacting to and is concerned about AT&T's fine then that tells me a lot about how Sprint executives truly view their own business practices behind closed doors.

Comment: Re:I think what's scary (Score 1) 141 141

Couldn't we just stop being petty bastards and just give out free food to kids at school? Food is not expensive in America. All this bitching about budgetary constraints is just another example of the middle class and poor at each other's throats...

Because by having a separate program for the kids who need free lunches, we can be sure everyone knows who they are. Even more importantly we can also make sure that they know who they are and that they feel properly ostracized from good, proper and polite society.

Comment: Re:The downside is taxpayers... (Score 2) 283 283

I shouldn't have to, but wearily I hasten to add that frivolous shit must not be allowed to squeeze into these programs.


That means frivolous cosmetic surgery, frivolous sex-change mutilation, degenerate drug binging, etc.

Oh, you were talking about the recipients. I thought you meant the program providers. carry on.

Comment: 1970s? (Score 1) 173 173

Initially developed in the late 1970s, C++ is a powerful general-purpose programming language, and is still widely used for writing mission critical and performance-sensitive applications.

Hardly. Stroustrup first introduced C with classes at Bell Labs in 1979. It wouldn't be known as C++ until at least 1983.

Comment: Re:Remember that remote substation that was attack (Score 3, Informative) 168 168

Take out a couple of big transformers with a rifle and you could cut power over a very large area with a very lengthy repair time.

Friend's dad worked for the power company back in the day. Need some overtime? He and his coworkers would disappear with their 30-30s for a couple of hours. Next thing you knew there were transformers down after the coolant drained from mysterious new holes.

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