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Comment Re: Hope for whom... the customer? (Score 1) 148

Uber is making its money from not paying what any legitimate taxi driver must pay or any taxi corporation must pay to meet the regulations and obligations. In short, Uber is making its money by cheating on the free market. Should they have to incure the same costs as the regular taxi industry as a whole you would be legitimated to talk about free market. But they just don't. Making money by cheating is easy until you get caught. Now, they are lobbying to evade the rules and regulations.

Are they cheating or are they choosing to not participate in an artificially restricted market by creating an alternative?

Comment Fujitsu COBOL (Score 1) 86

I remember trying out something like this many years ago with Fujitsu COBOL. It was just like Visual Basic, except when you opened the code editor for the buttonClicked() method for example, you coded a COBOL procedure rather than VB. Weirdest thing I had come across in a long time. Never did end up using it on anything productional.

Comment Re:It's not about terrorism (Score 1) 264

What do we infer from this? The risk from terrorists trying to blow up planes in the USA is indistinguishable from zero. I can't be the only person to realize this.

The administration must realize this, yet, they persist with the ridiculous rules about flying. Clearly, the searches, the no-fly-list, etc. have no connection to terrorism. There is some other reason for their existence.

Reasons for the searches, no-fly-list etc.? Money? Control? Something else?

See this response for an answer to your question. See also how to boil a frog.

Comment What part of the 4th Amendment (Score 1) 392

One has to wonder about the legitimate uses of full disk encryption, which can protect good people from harm, and them from having their privacy needlessly intruded upon.

No one doesn't. There's nothing to wonder about, at least in the US. The fourth amendment is pretty damn clear.

Comment Re:on page 2 (Score 1) 66

And I'm sure that every affected device has already been updated, in accordance with HTC's proactive support policies.

Since it has been patched, I'm also sure that there will never be any kind of mysterious regression where a future build exhibits the same issue. That could never happen.

Nothing more to see here, just move along.

hmmm. The sarcasm is strong with this one....

Comment Re:Where is the drone video itself? (Score 1) 528

The card was gone when they got it.

If you look, it is a microsd card, with no locking mechanism on the outside. It most likely flung out with much force when it hit the ground. When the quad crashed, it probably turned/tumbled a few time flinging the card out in an unknown direction. Have you ever tried to find a microsd card in your yard? (Good luck)

Then where did they get the telemetry data?

Comment Re:Only $100k? (Score 1) 150

That doesn't go very far in the microprocessor world. I worked for Cisco back in the early 00's and even back then tape out costs were approaching $1M for a 5 layer mask, today with sub-wavelength masks and chips using 12+ layers it must be tremendously expensive to spin a chip.

That's just DARPA's award. He mentioned another $1.2M or so in VC funding in a different comment.

Comment Wrong Recall? (Score 1) 56

Not to be outdone, Japanese car manufacturer Toyota on Wednesday recalled 625,000 hybrid vehicles globally to fix a different software defect

I'm glad the recall is to fix a different defect. I would hope Toyota wouldn't recall some of their cars to fix a software defect that only exists in Land Rovers.

Comment Original Idea? (Score 2) 17

Wright recalled. "A huge two-storey robot came marching up the street and swung its laser cannon arm towards him, and a voice boomed out, 'Citizen, drop your weapon immediately!' I assumed I was just recycling a movie that I'd already seen, but eventually, I came to the conclusion that maybe it was an original idea."

No, you were just having a Robocop flashback.

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