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Comment Re:GPLv3 - the kiss of death (Score 1) 301

If you're just using the software, there's nothing in the GPL that has any effect on you.

So if you build a library from source, then link the binary into your application, are you bound to release your source or not?
From xpdf's license:

If you want to incorporate the Xpdf source code into another program (or create a modified version of Xpdf), and you are distributing that program, you have two options: release your program under the GPL (v2 and/or v3), or purchase a commercial Xpdf source license.

Comment Re:The Police Shouldn't Be That Worried... (Score 1) 40

P.S. That being said, I will admit I bought a more expensive bluetooth OBD-II adapter to use in my explorer that requires a physical button press to pair. Cheaper adapters are generally discoverable when not connected to a host and used a generic 0000 or 1234 pin. I leave the adapter plugged in all the time because there's an old android tablet between the seats that logs OBD-II PIDs while I'm driving and auto-uploads them when I'm in my driveway.

Very interesting. What do you do with the data?

Comment Security Through Obscurity (Score 1) 50

This is just another example of how security through obscurity will never work. At the end of the day the client browser ends up with a URL for the user to click on to view the ad. No amount of obfuscation or iframe shell games can change this fact. Game over.

Comment Re:Sounds stupid (Score 3, Insightful) 100

I could spend 8 hours writing crappy code, iterating over it, changing it, tweaking it, etc, etc, throughout a typical work day. But, and I'm pretty confident in this, I can (and do) instead spend maybe 25-75% of my day (or more) thinking about things -- designing things -- before implementing them and end up with a better result.

But in the former case at least you would be "Agile".

Comment Re:How to get student interested? (Score 1) 63

I want my GPS to have a screen saver that I can modify. I'd make it a bobble-head Jesus. Once, while taking a break and driving randomly around the southern part of the United States I searched high and low for a bobble-head Jesus. I could not find one. When I stopped at various Christian book stores and asked, including that giant-ass cross outside of Amarillo, TX, they looked at me as if I were a heretic. I suppose I am but a bobble-head Jesus would be most awesome.

Here you go!

Comment I wonder (Score 1) 46

I wonder how many local police departments will now be receiving "donated" Stingrays with the "undocumented" proviso that when national LEOs need it, the local department will deploy it and collect the data. You know, a local department that they just happen to have a data sharing agreement with.

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