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Comment: Re:Can someone explainn (Score 1) 156

by Fnord666 (#48932021) Attached to: Drone Maker Enforces No-Fly Zone Over DC, Hijacking Malware Demonstrated

How big is your brick? While there are hexa- and octocopters that can carry a couple of pounds (which are big and conspicuous spider-looking things), the payload of the DJI Phantom line is measured in low-double-digit grams.

Video of one lifting 50lbs. Is that enough for you?

Comment: Re:One more reason to use a wired keyboard (Score 1) 150

by Fnord666 (#48808951) Attached to: Wireless Keylogger Masquerades as USB Phone Charger

Since AES is a block cipher, and an AES block is 16 bytes, and since keypresses appear to be transmitted "instantaneously", does that mean for each keypress, a 16-byte block is formed, and encrypted? And what about the encryption mode? (Otherwise doesn't it basically become ECB?)

You use the block cipher to generate what is essentially a random stream, then XOR it with the input stream as needed, turning your block cipher into a stream cipher.

Comment: Re:Nope (Score 1) 331

by Fnord666 (#48788791) Attached to: Would You Rent Out Your Unused Drive Space?

The problem is, that hasn't been decided as of yet. It would make sense to any normal person that they wouldn't be. But law enforcement isn't sure how to deal with such services so they are doing their best to kill the industry with raids, but then drop the cases before they hit court so no ruling can hurt their efforts.

Even if it turns out that you are not legally responsible for the content, that's not going to keep LE from confiscating/impounding your computer systems for an undetermined amount of time.

Comment: BS (Score 2) 343

From the FTA:

This could be any of us. We have no choice but to entrust companies with our intimate conversations: on email, on Facebook, by text and so on. We have no choice but to entrust the retailers that we use with our financial details. And we have little choice but to use cloud services such as iCloud and Google Docs.

Bullshit. There's always a choice. It's often less convenient, but that's a far cry from not having one.

Comment: Re:The problem is relational databases. (Score 1) 143

by Fnord666 (#48494355) Attached to: Black Friday '14: E-commerce Pages Far Slower Than They Were in 2013

I am glad you posted that. I am putting together a little project I call Distributed Integrated Scalable Array Database, DISArray. It will be a shardable web scale instantly consistent DB engine which will have kick ass performance and a Heisenberg query engine support by a look ahead design I have code named "Schroedinger".

This is going into my next system proposal to management.

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