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Comment: Re: Golden Hammer (Score 1) 186

by Fnord666 (#48180831) Attached to: JavaScript and the Netflix User Interface

1. Basically, all crypto that uses "magic constants" without a clear and complete spec of how they were reached is highly suspect. That includes most ECC crypto the NSA has done so far and is likely the reason the NSA and some vendors like RSA are pushing for the use of ECC crypto.

Very true in general. With elliptic curves, you need to use specific curves because randomly selected curves are easily compromised. Only curves with very specific properties are acceptable, but as you point out the NSA has not publicly enumerated those properties. The very same thing happened with the selection of the S boxes in DES, but in that case it turned out that the NSA recommendations did, in fact, harden the algorithm from attacks such as differential cryptanalysis, an analytical technique not publicly known a decade later. Unfortunately the recommended elliptic curves have turned out a bit differently so far and thst shift seems to echo the changing mindset of the NSA and/or the administration that it reports to.

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by Fnord666 (#48180605) Attached to: How Whisper Tracks Users Who Don't Share Their Location

Can TOR be used with this program to make it even harder to track?

Unfortunately not. TOR only obscures your source IP address from servers and peers that you are connecting to. It won't help for an application that is residing on your phone. You could use any number of the location spoofing frameworks that are used for testing applications to provide fake/random location data.

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Over the last year, I've been plagued by rogue BitTorrent users who've crept onto these public hostpots either with a stolen/cracked password, or who lie right to my face (and the Wi-Fi owners) about it.

Huh? They lie right to your face about it? Wait a minute. Who the hell are you anyway and what do you have to say about it? If it bothers you, buy yourself a mobile hotspot and STFU. At least maybe they are actually buying food/coffee/whatever and aren't just using the cafe as their personal office. What's the next complaint? That their conversations are too loud and you can't hear your conference calls?

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Yeah, and the victims won't see a penny of it either. What should have happened was the Marriot charged with full refunds with interest to those they scammed. I'm quite certain they would have financial records of them.

With a punitive fine of 5x that amount to discourage such behaviour in the future.

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Yes but there still has to be the right to defend yourself. If you take away the means by which I can pay lawyers, my funds, then I can't get the best legal representation.

You have the right to legal representation regardless of your financial standing. Do you know what they call the guy who barely passed the bar exam by one point? Your state provided legal representation.

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