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Comment Private Key? (Score 1) 91

So not only do these machines have a preinstalled, Dell generated root certificate, but they included the private key? WTF? The private key for a root certificate should only exist on a locked down, air gapped computer in an access controlled environment. The fact that this was included is downright scary.

A good tinfoil hat wearing individual might conclude that one of the TLAs told them to install a system that could automatically load signed executables without user's knowledge. In a fit of defiance they created this certificate knowing that it would be discovered and would call into question the reasons behind it.

Comment Re:Self-signing root certificates on laptops .. (Score 1) 91

What impact would these self-signing root certificates have on security?

All root certificates are self signed. It's just a matter of whether you choose to trust them or not. Your system comes with a bunch of certificates that it trusts as root certificates. Dell just added an extra one to the mix.

Comment Re:Camera and SD card (Score 1) 324

No security people will image a camera card. At best they look at all the pictures using the camera.

If you are an average person then maybe. If you are a "person of interest" then they will image anything you have that they find. Relying on something this arbitrary seems like a really bad idea.

Comment Re:The university has a point, there (Score 1) 363

The best book on calculus I've ever encountered, beating any modern prescribed text by a country mile in terms of how it explains things, is Sylvanus Thompson's "Calculus Made Easy".

This. My daughter was having some difficulty understanding Calculus. I loaned her my copy of "Calculus Made Easy" and it was like night and day. The language is heavily dated and makes some antiquated assumptions about what you might have learned previously, but the explanations and examples are hugely insightful. I imagine at the end of the day I'm going to have to buy myself another copy of this when my daughter keeps the one I loaned her.

Comment Re:Prior art? (Score 1) 312

Your expert witness credentials check out just fine. When can you start?

In what way does his "expert witness credentials", or possible lack thereof, invalidate the facts of his comment? An expert witness is a person who is permitted to testify at a trial because of special knowledge or proficiency in a particular field that is relevant to the case. His comment does not require any special knowledge. It is a statement of fact, which can be verified as either true or false. In this case a request for a citation might be in order but an ad hominem reply such as this only reflects poorly on you.