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Comment Re:GPLv3 - the kiss of death (Score 1) 309

If you're just using the software, there's nothing in the GPL that has any effect on you.

So if you build a library from source, then link the binary into your application, are you bound to release your source or not?
From xpdf's license:

If you want to incorporate the Xpdf source code into another program (or create a modified version of Xpdf), and you are distributing that program, you have two options: release your program under the GPL (v2 and/or v3), or purchase a commercial Xpdf source license.

Comment Re:The Police Shouldn't Be That Worried... (Score 1) 40

P.S. That being said, I will admit I bought a more expensive bluetooth OBD-II adapter to use in my explorer that requires a physical button press to pair. Cheaper adapters are generally discoverable when not connected to a host and used a generic 0000 or 1234 pin. I leave the adapter plugged in all the time because there's an old android tablet between the seats that logs OBD-II PIDs while I'm driving and auto-uploads them when I'm in my driveway.

Very interesting. What do you do with the data?

Comment Re:Sounds stupid (Score 3, Insightful) 100

I could spend 8 hours writing crappy code, iterating over it, changing it, tweaking it, etc, etc, throughout a typical work day. But, and I'm pretty confident in this, I can (and do) instead spend maybe 25-75% of my day (or more) thinking about things -- designing things -- before implementing them and end up with a better result.

But in the former case at least you would be "Agile".

Comment Re:How to get student interested? (Score 1) 63

I want my GPS to have a screen saver that I can modify. I'd make it a bobble-head Jesus. Once, while taking a break and driving randomly around the southern part of the United States I searched high and low for a bobble-head Jesus. I could not find one. When I stopped at various Christian book stores and asked, including that giant-ass cross outside of Amarillo, TX, they looked at me as if I were a heretic. I suppose I am but a bobble-head Jesus would be most awesome.

Here you go!

Be careful when a loop exits to the same place from side and bottom.