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Comment: I'm highly skeptical. (Score 1) 233

by FlyingSquidStudios (#30680474) Attached to: Aboriginal Folklore Leads To Meteorite Crater
The Earth has been hit literally countless times by meteors and the best places to find craters are ones which have very sparse vegetation like Australia (there are around 25 known craters in Australia). The fact that they tell 'lots of stories' about stars falling out the sky with a noise like thunder coupled with the relative commonality of impact craters on the continent along with the fact that there was not a precise location, just a general area, makes it sound an awful lot like coincidence. I'm not dismissing it entirely, but it makes the connection seem a little weak to me.

Comment: Re:Flesh-eating Robots Will Devour Us All (Score 1) 146

by FlyingSquidStudios (#30637720) Attached to: The Top 5 Technology Panics of 2009
How about the simple fact that there are a hell of a lot more plants then there are human corpses on and around the average battlefield? Hoping it will find a corpse to chow down on (after it gets through the body armor and so on) seems like a silly move if it can just start munching away on the local foliage.

+ - Meteor explosion lights up sky over Utah->

Submitted by skulluminati
skulluminati (1379551) writes "A probable meteor likely exploded over Utah's western desert region Wednesday night, producing a flash that briefly turned night into day over a vast portion of the West.

According to Patrick Wiggins, a NASA ambassador living in Tooele County, the intense light was most likely a bolide meteor, one that becomes a fireball and breaks up.

People in Los Angeles, Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Wyoming reported seeing the meteor."

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