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Submission + - Spam filtering for small/medium sized business? 2

or_is_it writes: The company I work for has been growing dramatically and I've been charged with the task of being the gatekeeper for our GFI Spam filters. This involves manually inspecting the subject line/to/from for all caught messages in each filter rule folder. For a company of about 50 people, in one day the number of Spam messages can easily exceed 2,000. Neglect it for a day and you end up with quite a task on your hands. I've made the rules lax enough so important messages can go through, along with a few stray Spams, for which I get bitched at. Tighten the rules up and then an important time-sensitive email never gets to its intended target and I get bitched at. Manually reading through all those subject lines is supposed to prevent that but I'm only human and genuine messages and easily get overlooked. How do larger organizations deal with Spam issues? I can't imagine having one centralized person manually inspecting everyone's Junk mail header is the optimal solution. I'm not afraid of purchasing a different commercial mail filter product, but I'd like to hear some anecdotal evidence before jumping ship.

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