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Comment: Re:George Carlin called it (Score 3, Insightful) 123

by Flozzin (#47169165) Attached to: Plastic Trash Forming Into "Plastiglomerate" Rocks
Get out of here. We are nature too. Just because we are self aware does not make us different. We evolved just like every other species. Beavers change their habitat too. Just we do it so much better. Self hating humans are the worst type. If you truly believe this then hopefully you made the choice to NOT have children.(as opposed to the forever alone basement dwellers where everyone else has made that choice for them)

Comment: I don't think they are rocks (Score 3, Insightful) 123

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How are these things rocks? We made them, then they melted. The grabbed onto rocks sure. But once you stick to a rock you become a rock? Rock's are minerals. I wasn't aware plastic is now considered a mineral? If I melt glass around a rock, can I call that a new type of rock? Or can I take super glue and glue some pebbles together and call that a new type of rock?

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I agree.
If you don't have some sort of degree in education, child development, psychology, ect, you are incapable of teaching anyone anything, ever. Only those with the proper certificates, and have spent thousands of dollars towards their education in said areas, have any possible hope of someone learning something from them. I never learned anything from my parents, who didn't have degrees in any field, or my grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, friend's parents, ect. Anyone that has taught me anything has had the proper certificates, plaques, degrees to prove that they themselves can teach and be learned from. So it has been since the beginning of time. Since God, who himself had all of the proper degrees, graduated Adam, the first person, and, the first person ever to earn a doctorate.

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Not the original AC. But I agree with him. I would take it a step further. Warring tribes used to completely wipe each other out. I would call this evolution as well. You see the same pattern of behavior in ant colonies. When they find another colony, they go and attack. At the end one colony wins the other is defeated. The capture the living as slaves. On the scale of ants, its evolution. On the scale of humans, it's evolution. Just because we are self aware does not mean evolution stops for us.

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The text is larger, there is tons of wasted 'white space'. You can't fit as much on your screen as you can in classic. So why do I want to spend more time scrolling? Why do I want less content per screen? Why do I want to go to a website that now looks like its designed for old people who can't read small font? I didn't buy monitors with high resolution just so the massive text would be nice and crisp.

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Thanks for acknowledging that quite a few of us hate beta. For starters, how about making the new site not look like its made for people that can't see 2 inches in front of them. The text is huge. It's also white spaced to hell and back. You can see about 2-3 posts on beta before you have to scroll. However on normal slashdot, you can see 4-5. That's a huge issue. I don't want to scroll. I don't want needless white space. doesn't have a huge freaking touch screen user following where we need tons of white space taking up room for no reason.

Also if anyone else has a problem reading small text, its a website for nerds, I believe they have the skills to increase the font size on their end.

Reasons I hate beta is because it looks like another f*** blog website. Beta has no style what-so-ever. It all just blends in with itself. Nothing stands out. And you spend a good portion of your time scrolling because of all the white space beta has.

I left netflix when they started pulling their shit years ago. Their member base exploded in outrage and they went back on their plans. I think you should follow suit.

There are other places that serve up other peoples news so a discussion can be had.

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by ak3ldama (#45987747) Attached to: Target Credit Card Data Was Sent To a Server In Russia

You think this matters? We should have real concerns. In late October Resers had a listeria recall on a lot of products produced at one assembly plant for lots of sub-companies. There has been no followup in the news (post november) detailing any further testing by them or the FDA. That original recall was initiated due to testing done in Canada. Should there be any consumer confidence by the American public that we can trust a factory like this to produce safe food? Look at their recall window on those products, it has been expanded now and includes 2014 products. How often do they test!? Why are they still shipping this food if its being recalled? This problem was first exposed in October. How often do they do a thorough cleaning!? I have tried to followup and have not been told of _any_ routine testing done on American soil by either the FDA or the company in question. The Reser consumer rep literally told me consumers do not care about their quality practices and that she did not have any information for me on how often they test for this. I have tried to find out more and all I have to go on is public information in the news. All consumers have are gems like this and more questions:

The problem was discovered through microbiological testing by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. A traceback investigation and follow-up testing by FDA at the facility determined there was potential cross contamination of products with Listeria monocytogenes from product contact surfaces.

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If you want to have honest conversations with people, you need to be clear what you're talking about.

I was not applying some sort of rhetorical strategy. What anon was alleging is that you cannot have any meaningful conversation with some progressives because they try to mislead people, and that they do not tell the whole story. I was merely bringing up the reality that no one wants to have an honest conversation. Further: It's misleading statements like that that turn off moderates (who can easily google the federal budget) from believing in the good intentions of us on the left. I would assert that neither side has "good intentions" but merely their own interests at heart. Each side sort of has to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda and hope that the way they frame things wins out.

Imagine if a (real not Koch-brothers-fake) community action group approached regulars on the street with a whitepaper and said: Here in these 50 pages we outline the background behind Social Security and provide statistics that reinforce our belief that everyone needs to contribute 37% more. What would those people do?

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When other progressives say stuff like this, it really pisses me off. Your statements are more than a little misleading.

Do you mean to say that those on the right never say statements that are misleading? That the big ag lobby never misrepresents the tremendous aid they get from the farm bill, while the pawns in the house try to cut spending on nutrition programs? That we do not comply with our free trade agreements - and that those other nations are merely trying to lash out at us unfairly? (I listen to ag radio, you wouldn't believe the nonsense. One day the corn lobby is complaining about the EPA relaxing the ethanol mandate; the next the beef lobby is saying how great it is since they have had to buy that over priced corn and have seen some red ink the last couple years. All the while no one cares about this particular case where government is regulating a free market?) You can pick another sector if you want, food alone is just so easy to refute you with. So please step off your soap box and review the situation(s) in the real world.

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