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Comment Sit-down VR games (Score 2) 137

I'm very much looking forward to VR gaming, but have no intention of getting out of my seat. I want VR for the immersion, not flailing and jumping around in my livingroom. I wish Valve and the Rift people would stop focusing on this walking around VR they think everyone wants. If anything is going to kill VR before it can really take off, it's this. It's probably why everything is taking so long.

Comment Why not an exosuit? (Score 1) 55

I love robots, and I understand this is still in development, but wouldn't their money be better spent on making a fireproof exosuit for a human firefighter? This robot is slow, awkward, and ponderous. It's not really autonomous at all, requiring a team of human operators. it's tethered by a large cable. And it looks like even with the flimsy suit they dressed it in, it's wires and electronics would be highly vulnerable to burning/melting.

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