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Comment Why not an exosuit? (Score 1) 55 55

I love robots, and I understand this is still in development, but wouldn't their money be better spent on making a fireproof exosuit for a human firefighter? This robot is slow, awkward, and ponderous. It's not really autonomous at all, requiring a team of human operators. it's tethered by a large cable. And it looks like even with the flimsy suit they dressed it in, it's wires and electronics would be highly vulnerable to burning/melting.

Comment Re:Pay per pixel? (Score 1) 347 347

It's probably because news shows are very competitive, and if I had to choose between one in SD or HD, I'd choose HD. You never know what's going to be shown on the news. You might not care, but lots of people who bought expensive HDTVs do care and will choose accordingly.

Comment Re:virtual workspace (Score 1) 72 72

You could create a 5th virtual display to constantly remind you that some words get capitalized and that typing in all lowercase is lazy, and it makes you look bad to your boss and anyone else who reads what you type. Typing in all lowercase is no better than your mom typing everything in all caps.

Comment Re:What a monstrosity posing as a webpage (Score 2) 216 216

Who the hell uses the tt tag?

Arker does, every time he posts. He likes his posts to look different from everyone else, then he tries to convince people it's their browser settings that make his posts look strange and not his deliberate intent. He gets a lot of attention for it. He's getting it right now, again. It's tiresome. It's trolling.

Comment Re:Again Timothy with the bullshit "stories" (Score 1) 448 448

It just goers over your head. The nerd part is it's about dropbox, something used almost exclusively by computer nerds. The stuff that matters part is about privacy of your data, which actually matters to a lot of computer nerds. You're so wrapped up in political BS your perception is skewed and you can't see things clearly.

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