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Comment Re:ROI (Score 1) 497

What exactly do pilots use their peripheral vision for? Last time I heard a pilot talking, if you could see the other plane you were waaaaaay to close. That is what long range radar is for, you can blow them up before you can even see them. Especially at the speeds places are currently flying, vision isn't really all that useful.

Unless you mean using peripheral vision to watch your radar while playing angry birds on your phone. Then yes, pilots depend on that.

Comment Re:All of those studies are the same (Score 1) 380

I have to disagree with some of your statement...I hate doctors not because they often don't know what is wrong and hand wave to distract you from the fact that they are taking a guess...even when you are fully aware of what is wrong with you from past experience.

Computer people generally do know what is wrong, and can fix it. So they explain happily while they work. Some doctors may, but a good number do not, so they hand wave. I will give them the fact that a human body can fail in many more ways than a computer, but it is still a frustrating exercise to find a good physician.

Submission + - Apple Chief Patent Lawyer to Leave (

Flea of Pain writes: Apple Inc's chief patent counsel will soon leave the company, at a time when the iPhone maker is fighting numerous legal battles around the world, according to a source familiar with the situation.
It was unclear why Richard "Chip" Lutton Junior, who manages the iPhone maker's patent portfolio, is leaving the company.

However, BJ Watrous, a former deputy general counsel with Hewlett Packard, is now listed as Apple's chief IP counsel on Watrous's LinkedIn web page.

Comment Re:We don't have the "Internet" in Canada (Score 1) 270

Join the club...although it is almost mosquito season now! Back on topic...what about the "Rocket Stick" that Rogers offers. It is basically a USB stick that connects to the cellular network to offer internet to tablets, laptops etc. If your iPad has a USB port (too lazy to look up specs, but with Apple who knows what the latest thing you don't need is) you can just plug in the Rocket Stick and get internet. The data plans are not too terrible, but the speeds aren't great. Honestly would not be my first option, and I would avoid it if at all possible, but it could be worth looking into.

Oh, I am not sure what the cost for the stick is if you don't do a contract data plan though...

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