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Submission + - Pacemaker battery life 'scandal' exposed by two senior doctors (

hypnosec writes: Two senior doctors have exposed the 'scandal' of pacemaker battery life and have called for improvement in battery life of implantable heart monitors so as to reduce the need of their replacement thereby reducing the risk to patients. According to an editorial penned by cardiologists John Dean and Neil Sulke In a startling report published in The BMJ, over half of patients with pacemakers will require a battery replacement with many requiring replacements. This not only wastes money, it also "exposes patients to risk of serious complications, including life threatening infection," the two doctors warn.

Submission + - Are We Alone in the Universe? (

An anonymous reader writes: David Kaplan of Particle Fever explores the best ways to search for alien life on distant planets.

Submission + - Google Blocking Deceptive Download Buttons with Safe Browsing

Trailrunner7 writes: Google is expanding the way that its Safe Browsing API protects users against malicious content by blocking deceptive content on sites that is considered to be social engineering.

The change to Safe Browsing will focus on detecting and warning users about content that tries to trick users into downloading a piece of software or taking some other action that they wouldn’t normally take. A common example of this is a fake or deceptive download button on a site that’s included in a dialogue box warning about out-of-date software.

Attackers often use malicious or deceptive ads that imitate legitimate download dialogues for software such as Adobe Flash or Microsoft’s Skype in order to trick users into downloading something else. That download could be a browser tool bar, malware, or some other unwanted software. To non-expert users, these ads or dialogue boxes can seem indistinguishable from authentic ones, which is exactly what fraudsters and attackers are counting on.

Comment Re:Mars is impossible (Score 1) 310

We won't be walking in the open air any time in the next many centuries, maybe never if we're unable to successfully terraform the planet (Venus would likely be a more appealing target for that anyway), but there's no reason to believe we can't survive in artificial habitats.

Do you happen to have any insights to provide to us about terraforming Venus? It used to be called the twin planet of Earth when I was a child, but now all I can think if it is as a living hell.

Submission + - World's Smallest Optical Switch Uses a Single Atom (

Zothecula writes: The rapid and on-going development of micro-miniature optical electronic devices is helping to usher in a new era of photonic computers and light-based memories that promise super-fast processor speeds and ultra-secure communications. However, as these components are shrunk ever further, fundamental limits to their dimensions are dictated by the wavelength of light itself. Now researchers at ETH Zurich claim to have overcome this limitation by creating both the world's smallest optical switch using a single atom, and accompanying circuitry that appears to break the rules by being smaller than the wavelength of the light that passes through it.

Comment Re:I avoid knockoffs (Score 0) 54

I also avoid anything from my ISP that is not just for internet services, and fortunately, I've never had to install anything from them. Also, I don't install any app that provides the same service that a webpage does, even when there is claim that it is for security. That makes me feel like an average slashdotter.

Comment Re:Obama lied?? (Score 1) 198

No he didn't, but good job with your limp little spin, you weak minded wing nut. Your masters at Fox and the Koch brothers and even Trumpy must be so proud of you.

Actually they are all proud of themselves. You are a product of their creation after all.

Don't be fooled! Obama is a politician, politicians lie all the time. It only happens that some lies turn out to be the truth. Just because the guy said that Obama lied doesn't mean he is a conservative.

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