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Comment Re:Aha! (Score 5, Informative) 440

I guess that those users were more likely to be professional chatters. Within 10 minutes of signing up to the site, I received one message from another user, but Ashley Madison demanded money from me to read it. I suppose it is how the scam, if there is one, works. I could investigate more, but I forgot my password. I could recover it but... *yawn*

Submission + - Almost no real women on Ashley Madison

gurps_npc writes: Ashley Madison claimed to have about 31 million men and 5.5 million woman enrolled. Those odds are not good for the men, 6:1. But unfortunately, most of those 'women' were fake. This researcher analyzed the data and found only 12,000 actual, real women using Ashley Madison. That means for every 7750 men, there were 3 women. There are reports that Ashley Madison paid people to create fake female profiles. Their website admits that 'some of the users may be their for "entertainment purposes"' The article itself is well written, including a description of the analysis.

A charitable person would say that Ashley Madison was selling a fantasy, not reality. But a realist would say Ashley Madison is just a thief stealing money from lonely, unhappy men.

Submission + - Google recruits programmers based on their search habits

david.emery writes: Engaget reports that Google is soliciting developers based on Google's analysis of their search habits: Seriously. If you search the right terms often enough, Google might interrupt your quest for knowledge with a question: "You're speaking our language. Up for a challenge?"

Does anyone else find this disturbing?

Submission + - Smooth-Moving Robots Cut Energy Consumption->

Zothecula writes: With their precise mechanical movements, robots seem like the most efficient of workers, but they can actually waste a good deal of energy. Chalmers University of Technology is developing a new optimization tool that acts like an efficiency expert for industrial robots by smoothing their movements to reduce their energy consumption by as much as 40 percent.
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Submission + - Court awards €29,000 for 'sensitivity to gadgets' ..->

An anonymous reader writes: Double-blind studies, where neither the patient nor the researcher was aware whether they had been exposed to electromagnetic waves, have shown that symptoms were not correlated with electromagnetic field exposure. Many experts have ascribed the condition to a phobia.
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Submission + - Title: Insert Open Source litigation FUD ..->

nickweller writes: "AS MORE AND MORE CUSTOMERS move towards open source solutions in the enterprise, the question arises as to who is keeping the code pool safe and risk free."

Free from what kind of 'risk', the risk of some hacker walking off with your entire customer base. To be used in indentity fraud. Your personal and financial reputation being trashed is something that's impossible to recover from. Yet another disengenious fud piece from Black Duck, the self appointed guardians of 'open source'.

"What we've found is that companies moving towards a dev-ops model, and let's face it that's just about everybody, are seeing this as an opportunity to bring things like security very early into the development cycle."

I have absolutly no idea what that means .. as for Black Duck being the minder of 'open source' .. I don't think so: ref

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Comment Re:How much space for each license plate? (Score 1) 275

It would only be enough for that quantity of license plates if the DB developers had minimizing the amount of data per record in mind.

Also, there can be more info in each data entry, like the camera it came from, the velocity of the car, the time, and instead of longitude and latitude, each entry could have the name of the street or intersection, recorded as text, over and over again, as set up when the camera was installed.

By the way, you were allocating all of the 80GB space for license plate data, but it is more likely that same disk is where the OS is installed.

Feed Techdirt: DOJ Tells Me It Can't Find A Copy Of The Gag Order Request It Already Released->

As you may remember, earlier this summer, we (and many others) wrote about the ridiculous situation whereby Assistant US Attorney Niketh Velamoor not only sought a bogus subpoena for information on some hyperbolic commenters on the site, but also obtained a gag order. At the time, I noted that I had sent in FOIA requests to the DOJ for Velamoor's initial application for the gag order as well as for the DOJ's guidelines on requesting a gag order. It turned out that Paul Levy, from Public Citizen, did the same -- though he (wisely, apparently) made his request directly to Velamoor, rather than to the DOJ's FOIA office. From that, Levy received a copy of the gag order application, which we wrote about last month.

So, imagine my surprise to have the DOJ finally respond to my FOIA request a month later, only to tell me that it could find no responsive documents to my request. There is no real detail provided. Just this: Of course, FOIA offices are notorious for claiming no responsive docs if you're not 100% accurate in your request, but I think my request was pretty clear. Here was my request:

The June 4th application for a non-disclosure order by the US Attorneys Office in the Southern District of NY concerning the subpoena issued to Reason Magazine (or The non-disclosure order was granted on June 4th by Judge Frank Maass and vacated on June 19th. I am seeking the original application.
And, as we learned from the document that was released to Levy, it was an "Application for 2705(b) Grand Jury Non-Disclosure Order to Service Provider." And it was, indeed, filed and approved on June 4th. And it was clearly "In Re Grand Jury Subpoena to" The idea that the DOJ's FOIA staff "could find no responsive documents" suggests a serious problem with how the FOIA office works -- or how the US Attorney's Office in NY files their documents. Clearly the document exists. After all it was released to Levy. And the description I gave of the document is pretty damn close to the actual document. I am, of course, free to "appeal" the "no responsive documents" claim, but it's not clear what the point is here, since the document was already released (unbeknownst to the DOJ's crack FOIA team).

At the very least, this should call into question how the DOJ handles its FOIA requests.

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Submission + - Tiny Pebbles Built the Gas Giant Behemoths->

astroengine writes: Scientists have long puzzled over how gas planets like Jupiter and Saturn got to be so big. Current theories suggest the cores of these behemoths are comprised of mini-planets, some 62- to 620 miles in diameter, which collided and gradually merged together over time. But computer simulations show this process is more likely to produce hundreds of Earth-sized worlds. Instead, a new study suggests "slow pebble accretion" is a more likely process.
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Submission + - Machine learning selects worldâ(TM)s next top models->

Juha Saarinen writes: US researchers have trained machine learning algorithms to accurately predict the next batch of female models to grace the worldâ(TM)s top fashion runways.

In a paper to be presented at CSCW 2016 early next year, three Indiana University academics used data from the 2015 spring/summer season to help the machine learning algorithms learn what made female models successful in their careers â" and predict who would next achieve success.

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