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+ - Death Valley's Sailing Stones Caught in the Act->

Submitted by Capt.Albatross
Capt.Albatross (1301561) writes "The flat surface of the Racetrack Playa in Death Valley is littered with rocks, some weighing hundreds of kilograms, each at the end of a track indicating that it has somehow slid across the surface. The mechanism behind this has been the subject of much speculation but little evidence, until a trio of scientists caught them in action with cameras and GPS."
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+ - Ignore No More makes it hard for kids to ignore parents' calls->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The ''Ignore No More'' app must be downloaded and installed on both the parent's and child's phone. After that you just need to enter your kid's name and type a four digit code. Your kid's phone will lock up if they fail to pick up your calls and, will have no choice but to call back for the password or call emergency responder . The app completely takes control of their phone,meaning they can't access their favorite games or app or even call their friends. And one more, you can choose to clean up all of their games or apps."
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Comment: Re:The US slides back to the caves (Score 1) 474

by Flavianoep (#47766279) Attached to: Limiting the Teaching of the Scientific Process In Ohio

Because of the size of the population (which exceeds that of all Europe)

Europe: population is 742 millions

USA: population is 352 millions

It happens that for a lot of people Europe is the same as European Union. Even so, the AC got it wrong, as

the European Union population is 506 million.

Comment: Re:End Program. (Score 2) 233

by Flavianoep (#47764573) Attached to: Fermilab Begins Testing Holographic Universe Theory

The pogroms were a series of attacks against the Jewish population in Western Europe during the Middle Ages. Can I help you with anything else?

They didn't end in the Middle Ages, although. The last pogroms in Russia happened during the war that followed the October Revolution. Lenin even decommissioned a entire regiment whose officials toke part in a pogrom.

+ - Some raindrops exceed their terminal velocity->

Submitted by sciencehabit
sciencehabit (1205606) writes "New research reveals that some raindrops are “super-terminal” (they travel more than 30% faster than their terminal velocity, at which air resistance prevents further acceleration due to gravity). The drops are the result of natural processes—and they make up a substantial fraction of rainfall. Whereas all drops the team studied that were 0.8 millimeters and larger fell at expected speeds, between 30% and 60% of those measuring 0.3 mm dropped at super-terminal speeds. It’s not yet clear why these drops are falling faster than expected, the researchers say. But according to one notion, the speedy drops are fragments of larger drops that have broken apart in midair but have yet to slow down. If that is indeed the case, the researchers note, then raindrop disintegration happens normally in the atmosphere and more often than previously presumed—possibly when drops collide midair or become unstable as they fall through the atmosphere. Further study could improve estimates of the total amount of rainfall a storm will produce or the amount of erosion that it can generate."
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Techdirt: German Regulator Rejects German Newspapers' Cynical Attempt To Demand Cash From ->

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Back in June we wrote about the ridiculous and cynical attempt by a number of big German newspaper publishers, in the form of the industry group VG Media, to demand 11% of Google's gross worldwide revenue on any search that results in Google showing a snippet of their content. We noted the hypocrisy of these publishers seeking to do this while at the same time having done nothing to remove themselves from Google's search -- and, in fact, using Google's tools to help them rank higher in search results. In other words, these publishers know that ranking high helps them... and yet then still demanded cash on top of that.

VG Media had specifically filed an arbitration request with the German government, but it has now been rejected. And, while German regulators didn't go so far as to say they found the claim laughable, they did the regulator-speak equivalent:

“Sufficient suspicion is always necessary to initiate an abuse procedure. The complaint from VG Media did not establish this,” Andreas Mundt, president of Germany’s Federal Cartel Office, said in a statement on Friday.
Those poor, poor newspapers will just have to go back to accepting free traffic from Google, via Google News (a site that doesn't have ads in Germany). Whatever will they do now?

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+ - The Stars Beyond

Submitted by StartsWithABang
StartsWithABang (3485481) writes "You've no doubt heard of dark matter halos around galaxies: vast, extended, spherical collection of mass that reach for hundreds of thousands of light-years beyond what we typically think of as a spiral or elliptical galaxy. But did you know that galaxies contain vast, extended stellar halos as well? Moreover, they look nothing like you'd expect! They're not spherical or even ellipsoidal, but highly irregular, and have an awful lot to teach us about how galaxies came to be the way they are today."

+ - How The Ancient Egyptians (Should Have) Built The Pyramids 2

Submitted by KentuckyFC
KentuckyFC (1144503) writes "The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is constructed from 2.4 million limestone blocks, most about 2.5 tonnes but some weighing in at up to 80 tonnes, mostly sourced from local limestone quarries. That raises a famous question. How did the ancient Egyptians move these huge blocks into place? There is no shortage of theories but now a team of physicists has come up with another that is remarkably simple--convert the square cross section of the blocks into dodecadrons making them easy to roll. The team has tested the idea on a 30 kg scaled block the shape of a square prism. They modified the square cross-section by strapping three wooden rods to each long face, creating a dodecahedral profile. Finally, they attached a rope to the top of the block and measured the force necessary to set it rolling. The team say a full-sized block could be modified with poles the size of ships masts and that a work crew of around 50 men could move a block with a mass of 2.5 tonnes at the speed of 0.5 metres per second. The result suggests that this kind of block modification is a serious contender for the method the Egyptians actually used to construct the pyramids, say the researchers."

+ - Supreme Court Declared that all Coal Licenses Issued since 1993 are Illegal ->

Submitted by pankaj125
pankaj125 (3797167) writes "The Supreme Court made an announcement today in which it stated that all the coal mining rights assigned in1993 and 2010 were not assigned legally by the government and were assigned in a process which was not appropriate and even lacked transparency in the absence of a proper biding system."
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+ - How to avoid the use of Chinese sentences in English translation->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "In the translation, we will be in the original language habits (example: Chinese) sentence applied to the target language (eg: English). For example, Chinese often introduced at the beginning of the sentence topics to be discussed, and then talk about the actual "content", this habit is called "Thematic Review of structure" (topic-comment construction), proposed by Li and Thompson in 1981. In this sentence, the Chinese commonly used words are: "For", "As", "speaking on ......" "In ...... aspects", etc. These are the Chinese liking to the very nature of the sentence, in the Chinese music wire every day we will also see a lot of such examples. But if this structure is used in English, write out the sentence would seem strange that a mouthful, is not fluent. In this issue of the newsletter, we will cite relevant examples to illustrate this point.

1 module for design, design and more should be done to link a systematic and fully consider its independence, reusability and stability.
Not recommended translated sentence:

Regarding modules, they must be systematically designed and connected based on independence, reusability, and stability.

Better translation of the sentence:

Modules must be systematically designed and connected based on independence, reusability, and stability.

Thus patients seen directly applied not only fluent Chinese sentence, also increased the sentences of words in academic writing should be avoided. Furthermore, in order regarding the increase as the beginning of the sentence is more than one word, need another term in the position directly affected, plus they, this is an important difference between Chinese and English. Chinese can be directly used "to" bring out the sentence topic, followed by a description of its content, but it must be used with transitive verb in English by the word. Therefore, if the use of the translation "for" the corresponding English words regarding, we must add they, so that the whole sentence is very verbose.

2 For what kind of interior decoration can bring a better sense of security, but the patient did not point out the obvious.
Not recommended translated sentence:

Regarding the type of interior decoration that can provide an enhanced sense of security to patients, no identification has been made.

Better translation of the sentence:

The type of interior decoration that can provide an enhanced sense of security to patients has not been identified.

3 on the economic development trend of China this year, the foreign trade is still the focus.

Not recommended translated sentence:

Regarding Taiwan's economic development trends, focus remains on foreign trade.

Foreign trade remains the focus of Taiwan's economic development trends.

Two sentences in terms of the way to solve the problem by the word, but the sentence as a whole become fluent, even a has been made this somewhat awkward sentence structure. And in three sentences, it will remove both regarding sentence structure, it becomes more clear and concise sentences. Such a sentence conversion, not only exist in the beginning of the above "for" in the sentence.

4 In the comparative results of this study and other studies to explore sustainable development model, the observed some interesting phenomena.
Not recommended translated sentence:

When comparing previous studies that have investigated the sustainable development model, several interesting phenomena were observed.

Above translation is not completely wrong, but can not adapt to English readers may be more order in which the information provided. In simple terms, English readers accustomed to first understand what is happening, and then know the context of the incident. Therefore, the following translation sounds more natural.

Better translation of the sentence:

Several interesting phenomena were observed when comparing previous studies that have investigated the sustainable development model.

However, the use of English sentences are sometimes not enough to dig out good English. This can be a common topic comments sentence structure from five other Chinese "Because ...... so" be seen.

5 because the difference between the actual value and the theoretical value of the chip element, resulting in each wafer has a different signal strength indicator.
Not recommended translated sentence:

Because the true values of on-chip components differ from their theoretical values, the values of signal strength indicators vary from chip to chip.

In terms of cause instead because to represent causal relationships between clauses, you can express the sentence was intended to be more concise.

Better translation of the sentence:

The true values of on-chip components differ from their theoretical values, causing the values of signal strength indicators to vary from chip to chip.

In addition, five sentences may also be translated as:

The values of signal strength indicators vary from chip to chip because the true values of on-chip components differ from their theoretical values.

Although the English translation of the sentence follow the order of the information provided, but the focus of the sentence, but in the interpretation of the signal strength indicator for different reasons, not the existence of this phenomenon (corresponding to the Chinese that is: Each chip has a different signal strength indicator The reason is because the difference between the actual value and the theoretical value of the chip component). Thus, we should not blindly apply the English sentence, but to consider the original information content and emphasize want to express.

We hope that the above examples make clearer English writing should be avoided in Chinese sentence to use, and then solve the sentence is not fluent, verbose, semantic confusion and other related issues."

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+ - U.S. University Restricts Network Access to Social Media, Political Content 1

Submitted by onproton
onproton (3434437) writes "Northern Illinois University recently began restricting student access to webpages that contain "illegal or unethical" content which, according to University policy, includes resources used for "political activities...and the organization or participation in meetings, rallies and demonstrations." A student raised concerns after attempting to access the Wikipedia page for Westboro Baptist Church, and receiving a filter message informing him that his access of this page would likely violate the University's Acceptable Use Policy, along with a warning that "all violations would be reviewed." This has lead to questions about whether some policies that restrict student access to information are in the best interest of the primary goal of education."

Google News Sci Tech: Western US Drought Causing Earth's Crust to Rise - Voice of America->

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Voice of America

Western US Drought Causing Earth's Crust to Rise
Voice of America
The major drought gripping the western United States is not only drying the landscape, it's causing the land to rise. Researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California at San Diego used GPS data to determine the drought has...
GPS Discovers the West Is So Dry, It's
California Drought Has Resulted in Mountains Rising Another Half an Inch, New ... University Herald
Drought is causing Earth's crust to rise in the WestPort Huron Times Herald
WallStreet OTC-Los Angeles Times
all 180 news articles

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