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Comment: Silliness (Score 0) 278

by FlapHappy (#35502288) Attached to: Revisiting Ebert &mdash; Games <em>Can</em> Be Art, But Are They?

Art critics are the zealots of a religion. They look for some spark of divinity in the product of man's efforts but like all other religions fail to substantively prove their point. What is divine and what is not? What is ART and what is not? I suppose our unelected clergy might be able to tell us!

It is up to every human on the planet to decide for themselves what they consider to be art. To believe otherwise is to become sheep bound mindlessly to a misguided flock.

Comment: Re:Requested Resource Not Found (Score 2) 5

by FlapHappy (#35493646) Attached to: Ohio University Enforcing Bandwidth Throttling
Sounds like a rational reason for bandwidth throttling. In itself, throttling traffic based on legitimate concerns (e.g. "Students need more bandwidth for research purposes") is not a bad thing. Schools do have limited bandwidth after all and I doubt they made any promises otherwise. What is problematic is when a company like Comcast promises unlimited bandwidth and ends up screwing over its customers based on ambiguous moral grounds like "Torrents are bad" or because they (again, the service provider) were flat-out caught lying. Unlimited bandwidth means that you get unlimited data at the speed promised, not unlimited data based on whatever speed they decide you require AFTER you've paid for it.

+ - Cutting Prices is the Only Way to Stop Piracy->

Submitted by Stoobalou
Stoobalou (1774024) writes "The only way to stop piracy is to cut prices. That's the vedict of a major new academic study that reckons copyright theft won't be halted by 'three strikes' broadband disconnections, increasing censorship or draconian new laws brought in under the anti-counterfeiting treaty ACTA.

The Media Piracy Project, published last week by the Social Science Research Council, reports that illegal copying of movies, music, video games and software is "better described as a global pricing problem" — and the only way to tackle it is for copyright holders to charge consumers less money for their wares."

Link to Original Source

Comment: FTA (Score 1) 236

by FlapHappy (#35490504) Attached to: NASA Buys 12 Seats On Soyuz

"NASA has efforts underway to develop an American-made commercial capability for crew transportation and rescue services to the station following this year's retirement of the space shuttle fleet."

Seems like a lot of people missed this part, but is there any real information on these efforts? I know there have been private-sector developments in space flight (Virgin for example), but are there any examples, prototypes, or even a rough napkin-sketches on what these new "crew transportation and rescue services" will look like?

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