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+ - North Korean Internet Down?->

Submitted by FlamingAtheist
FlamingAtheist writes: North Korea's already spotty internet appears to be under an attack to disrupt it in possible retaliation for their alleged responsibility for the Sony hack. Other possibilities are that China (who they get their connection through) is throttling them or other outside independents are targeting them.
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+ - Heathkit – The electronic history mystery->

Submitted by coop0030
coop0030 writes: In 2013 there was a lot of buzz in the electronics communities about Heathkit returning in some way, however it’s been exactly one year and there has not been any updates. Heathkit “came back” in 2011 too, but nothing materialized then either. Here is our attempt to help piece together some of the puzzle of what has become of Heathkit.
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