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Comment No difference (Score 1) 9

The way I've seen this approached is that, if it's a good interview setup you are not the only one interviewing him and there is reasonable coverage with people who can interview on that level.

So interview him as you would someone on your level, this will atleast give coverage on deeper issues they may not get with 'higher ups'

Also you could think of an issue that you personally had trouble with and ask them about that. How they answer it should give you some idea of if they are in fact above your level.


Graph of Linux Vs. Windows System Calls 302

cgrayson recommends Richard Stiennon's blog on ZDNet — a post titled Why Windows is less secure than Linux shows a compelling graphical comparison between system calls on the two operating systems. The blogger tips Sana Security for the images. Quoting: "In its long evolution, Windows has grown so complicated that it is harder to secure... [T]hese images... are a complete map of the system calls that occur when a web server serves up [the same] single page of [HTML] with a single picture."

Easy Throw-Away Email Addresses 297

netbuzz writes, "A fellow teaching himself Seam has come up with a clever Web app called 10 Minute Mail. It gives you a valid e-mail address — instantly — for use in registering at Web sites. Ten minutes later (more if you ask), it's gone. You can read mail and reply to it from the page where you create the throw-away address. Limited utility, yes, but easy and free."
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Journal Journal: doolb

When I was much much younger I wrote two parts of a story for English class. The first embodied rebellion, and the second revenge; that was the gist of the assignments for the year. The stories were pretty horrible as I look them over now. While I had quite the imagination the effort wasn't there, but I'm happy to blame that on the fact that is was an assignment for a class I didn't like.

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Journal Journal: Politiks 2

My "Republicans For Voldemort" shirt is in the mail, elections are coming soon, so it seemed like a good time to say a thing or two about the issues.

Stem Cell Research

i think the easiest way to approach this issue is to reduce it down. I'll start with the man himself, President Bush and his policy in 2001 governing the last set of stem cells that were usable.

A Nerdcore Hip-Hop Halloween Album 108

High-C writes, "A bunch of us nerdcore hip-hop artists have gotten together and released a Halloween-themed CD. Seventeen creepy, darker-than-they-should-be songs from total nerds, with seven different CD covers. What's not to love? The perfect soundtrack for tonight's Halloween parties. And of course, the track listings are in hex."
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Journal Journal: capitulare

It seemed like a good time to go through some randomness of late.

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Journal Journal: Of iPods and Other Viruses 2

So that iPod virus thing that came out today. I was hit by it!!! and boy did it piss me off for so many reasons.

I'd bought my brand new shiny iPod. I even traded in my reliable 3rd gen iPod "Atrus" for it to get a discount.

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Journal Journal: This American Podcast

Looks like This American Life is coming to a podcast near you for free! Starts on the 16th, and better get them the week of or then it costs $.95 which is much better than their price.

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Journal Journal: World of Stargate Atlantis

There was a cute reference to World of Warcraft in last night's Stargate Atlantis. I wonder with the references to the currently unreleased expansion if they actually meant the episode to air later in the season but was changed given the canceling of the series.

( Rough transcript )

DL: Dr. Lesban
DW: Dr. Weir

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Well it is done. I've just finished the last DVD of 24 season 4. After having watched season 5 on tv I am now glowing in the drama that is 24. Man that Jack Bauer, he's sure something. And what a healthy set of lungs he's got. That's no small feat considering how many toxic situations he's been in. He can even point a gun fairly accurately while serenading his enemies with his bass.

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Journal Journal: Anatrove LIVE rwar!!!

Anatrove has a new look. I decided to finally polish it up a bit, and after some help from Rachel it's looking might nice. All the same functionality is there, but Rachel was nice enough to do some wireframes and a new layout that definitely make Anatrove nicer to look at.

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Journal Journal: Social Networking++

I'm an active user of Flickr and peruse their discussion folders occasionally, and man if there isn't one mangy user that lights up like a light bulb whenever I come across something they've posted. They're just freaking irritating, and they are very active ( in bad ways ) so it's hard to just forget about them.

"It's like deja vu all over again." -- Yogi Berra