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+ - Should we expect accountability from journalists?->

Submitted by
Fjodor42 writes "Why is it we don't expect journalists to mention their primary sources, when this practice is sure to make you fail miserably in even the most basic levels of academic endeavor (high school for certain, don't know about earlier steps)?
The article mentions three outrageous examples of distortion of facts, but I'm fairly sure that there are more of those kind, than there are of factually sound articles around..."

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+ - Raw Food is detrimental to your health->

Submitted by
Fjodor42 writes "A clinical study of the so-called Raw Food-diets, where no element of one's food may have exceeded a temperature of 42C, finds significant risks to the health of followers.

Original article is in Danish, Google translation is at ."

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+ - Medical students autopsied their teacher->

Submitted by Fjodor42
Fjodor42 (181415) writes "According to, students at Karolinska Intstitutet in Sweden, when faced with their first autopsy, and without prior knowledge, witnessed the aoutopsy of a former teacher. Google translation at ."
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+ - Warning:

Submitted by
Fjodor42 writes "Today I received a mail from, puporting to be an invitation to the site from a friend of mine. First thought was that he must have fallen for the "enter your messenger username and password here to invite your friends"-crap, but guess again. My friend acknowledges to have signed up for the site, using his hotmail address, but declines to have been asked to give his password. None the less, he used the same password for this site as for (we all know we shouldn't, but don't we all the same?). To my knowledge, there has been a number of scams of this sort, where the sites offer to import your messenger contact list, and then spams everyone on it with unsolicited invites, but in this case, it would seem that they completely forgo the step of having the user (misguidedly) entering their credentials, and just go ahead and see if they can get access. I have reported the incident to the Danish Police's computer crime unit (NITEC) and to, both as a matter of principle, and also since the owner of is actually a Danish company, but just wanted to give you a heads-up on this to warn others."
Wireless Networking

+ - MadWifi reclaims their honour

Submitted by
Fjodor42 writes "Remember The Battle for Wireless Network Drivers? That article included some very harsh (and seemingly unfounded) words for the MadWifi team, who are developing Linux drivers for Atheros chipsets. Well, in order not to let this stand, I conducted an interview with a few members of the team, covering both the article, and more importantly, the allegations put forth in it. The interview is available (as long as the server holds up to the slashdot effect) here"

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