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Being allowed to put that default functionality into an appliance is not within the purview of the programmers. That would absolutely have to be okayed by people higher on the food chain. Most companies won't do things like that because it increases support calls by users who want to just plug something into the wall and have it work.

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by Fjandr (#48313423) Attached to: Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Crashes

I agree, though I wanted to point out that early highrise steel workers rarely used safety lines. It's one of the reasons that construction firms went out of their way to hire Mohegans, as for some reason they didn't get the vertigo that's common amongst most of the rest of the human race. Actually, they still fill the ranks of steelworkers to this day.

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Put quite simply, unskilled labor is not worth nearly as much as skilled labor. Pretending it is amounts to nothing but utopian dreaming.

Then again, the people advocating living wages do frequently live in a fantasy land. What is considered a "living wage" in my city is roughly $18/hour per person to achieve what those in support of it deem an acceptable standard of living. Having spent the last 5 years supporting myself and one other on a fixed income amounting to roughly $6/hour net (or $3/hour per person relying on that income), Now that we have a full-time income in addition to that, it comes out to ~$7.50/hour net per person in the household, which is enough for us to live, pay off student loans, and still save money every month.

I get that those on the far right are out of touch with reality, but let's not pretend the same isn't true of the far left. It takes far less to live comfortably on than anyone I've ever talked to who was in support of a "living wage." What it comes down to is people wanting to subsidize their "wants" and their lack of financial discipline by calling them "needs." Yes' the Federal minimum is a joke, but so is every instance of a "living wage" I've ever heard someone support. Both sides of the argument are dominated by a minority of loud voices from the fringes when what is needed is rational discussion by those on both sides who can differentiate between what people actually need vs. what they want in order to keep up with the Jones'.

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Except they never actually have taken their ball and gone home. There are plenty of examples out there where municipalities have rolled their own networks out, and the cable and telco companies still operate there. I'm not aware of a single location where the cable companies have left, and the telcos aren't legally allowed to leave because of Federal law (not that there's any evidence they would if they were able).

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