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by Fjandr (#47799241) Attached to: Should police have cameras recording their work at all times?

The Police Guild in my city has been fighting tooth and nail to prevent a police ombudsman (civilian oversight) from having ANY investigatory powers at all. The Guild can prevent it because the city is too scared to let their employment contracts lapse and dissolve the police department for long enough to enact a mandate for civilian oversight.

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by Fjandr (#47797255) Attached to: States Allowing Medical Marijuana Have Fewer Painkiller Deaths

News flash: Different people react differently to some things. Just because opiates left you in a fog doesn't mean they are useless for everyone. For example, I take enough opiates daily to kill a horse. I exhibit no mental side effects. If I don't tell someone I use opiates for pain control, they'd have no reason to suspect I did.

Your anecdote is a perfect example of why anecdotes are unreliable for any situation other than that of the person from whom they come. I'm the opposite of you. Opiates control my pain without mental side effects. Marijuana, on the other hand, has no effect on me. I can consume enough to get a half-dozen people high as a kite without any effect on me whatsoever. Honestly, I wish that weren't true, because opiates don't control gastrointestinal pain in me. I would be ecstatic if marijuana could control that particular pain, but it doesn't.

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Depends on the person. I take enough opiates daily to kill most people who are opiate-naive. I was foggy for about the first 3 months of using them for pain, and then the mental effects disappeared. Only those I tell have any idea that I take large quantities of opiates to treat chronic pain from surgical adhesions.

For others, the mental effects never go away. Being able to function normally on opiates depends largely on the individual.

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