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Except they never actually have taken their ball and gone home. There are plenty of examples out there where municipalities have rolled their own networks out, and the cable and telco companies still operate there. I'm not aware of a single location where the cable companies have left, and the telcos aren't legally allowed to leave because of Federal law (not that there's any evidence they would if they were able).

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Sure you should fault the politicians, but that in no way lets uninformed voters off the hook. As for lack of educational dollars, it's been conclusively shown that increased investment does not correlate to better results. School systems are given too much leeway in some areas, and not enough in others, regarding how they are able to spend money. Some of that is the fault of unions, while other fault lies with corrupt administrators or the Department of Education, while still other fault lies with local voters who don't actually hold school board officials to account.

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by Fjandr (#48184931) Attached to: The Great Robocoin Rip-off

Yup. Plenty of instances where it needs to be pointed out that a victim did something really stupid to enable their victimization.
News flash: people are responsible for their actions in most cases. There are certainly cases where victims bear no reasonable responsibility for their predicament, but there are absolutely cases where they bear significant responsibility.

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I wish I still had mod points, because this is the beginning and end of the issue. Unfortunately, most people are not able to see these issues objectively, but instead react to the emotional shouts from the extreme with which they are more closely aligned (which is usually pretty far from their beliefs, but just a tad closer than the opposing extremist views).

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