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Comment: Re:Why yes, we should blame the victim here (Score 1) 309

by Fjandr (#47419109) Attached to: Tor Project Sued Over a Revenge Porn Business That Used Its Service

Many victims actually do share part of the responsibility for what happens to them. In some cases, they bear most of the responsibility. It's illegal to stomp the crap out of someone who didn't physically attack you, but don't tell me that someone walking into a Hell's Angels bar and spitting on the bartender bears no responsibility for being beaten half to death. Nobody is trying to absolve the perpetrator of responsibility, but she bears at least some of it for taking nude pictures of herself and posting them online, protected or not.

Comment: Re:more leisure time for humans! (Score 1) 526

by Fjandr (#47405215) Attached to: Foxconn Replacing Workers With Robots

It actually would necessarily require that everyone be given the same stipend. Those who want more work. Those who do not don't work.

Transitioning to such a society would certainly be painful though.

If humanity does eventually mechanize most of the labor required to run society, this transition will eventually become a certainty. We're far from that point though.

Comment: Re:Misused? Murder is intrinsic in communism. (Score 1) 526

by Fjandr (#47405197) Attached to: Foxconn Replacing Workers With Robots

This is exactly the mentality that escalates to murdering those who work harder than others in order to reap larger rewards. You call everyone who fits that bill "criminals."

Remove money from the equation and it becomes pretty simple. I work twice as long in number of hours tilling fields and planting crops. As a result, I produce twice as
much as anyone else. According to you, I'm a criminal for having twice the income.

Money masks the root issues, and is used as a convenient excuse to accuse people of greed. Yes, there are greedy people, and I am entirely supportive of taxing and regulating production of capital simply by manipulation of other capital. The systems that allow it rely entirely on State support, and as a result should not enjoy any of the rights of natural persons (collectives which operate without State support excepted). However, not all motivated people are extracting wealth from others. Plenty of value can be created by trading for materials and adding value. A carpenter who works twice as many hours should not have the excess taken from him simply because the average carpenter works half as long. Substitute any field you like, and the same tends to be true.

If you try to make income "fair" with communism, you do, in fact, have to disincentivize working more than the average. Since the only way communism actually works given human nature, it necessarily requires ruthless dictators to enact.

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You've either never lived in a decently-sized city, or aren't paying attention if you really need citations to believe it happens. In my city, there are roughly a half-dozen fatal police shootings of unarmed suspects every year. Only one officer has ever been indicted, much less convicted (and is fortunately in prison currently), in the nearly ten years I've lived here.

Comment: Re:Let them drink! (Score 1) 532

by Fjandr (#47344353) Attached to: NYC Loses Appeal To Ban Large Sugary Drinks

Partisan. I do not think this word means what you think it means.

As for >32oz sodas being a result of governmental collusion with private industry, that's a claim I'd be interested to see backed up with actual evidence.

This post was longer, but I deleted most of it because each point really boils down to the last part of the subsequent paragraph. How it applies to each of the above points should not be my job, because they are quite clear in whether or not the laws applied to each are designed to address an immediate danger to life or property of someone other than the person making the behavioral choice. Anyone unable to do so would not understand what I wrote anyway, so further explanation would be a waste of my time.

DUIs constitute a very real threat of causing loss of life to those around the person engaging in that activity. The law is not intended to stop drinking in general, but intended to stop something which constitutes an immediate risk of harm to people or property. Preventing a clear and present danger is not the same thing as preventing something that will never physically harm anyone but the user.

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