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Comment: Re:Wildly premature question (Score 1) 81

by Bruce Perens (#48620117) Attached to: SpaceX To Attempt Falcon 9 Landing On Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship

If we look at jet aircraft, wear depends on the airframe and the engines, and the airframe seems to be the number of pressurize/depressurize cycles as well as the running hours. Engines get swapped out routinely but when the airframe has enough stress it's time to retire the aircraft lest it suffer catastrophic failure. Rockets are different in scale (much greater stresses) but we can expect the failure points due to age to be those two, with the addition of one main rocket-specific failure point: cryogenic tanks.

How long each will be reliable can be established using ground-based environmental testing. Nobody has the numbers for Falcon 9R yet.

Weight vs. reusable life will become a design decision in rocket design.

Comment: Re:About Fucking Time (Score 5, Insightful) 371

by Stargoat (#48618927) Attached to: In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations

For years, the only thing this served was to try to get votes in Florida. And even then, I do not know how much good that did.

Either Obama has written off the Cuban vote in Miami or he has decided to concede FLA to the GOP. Either way, Obama has finally done something right.

Opening up relations with Cuba makes too much financial sense for pride or antiquated ideas of anticommunism to get in the way.

Comment: Re:x64 only (Score 1) 115

by aztracker1 (#48576227) Attached to: FreeNAS 9.3 Released

Lessons learned from my dabbling with FreeNAS (and having hardware failure).

* Use generic HDD controllers that are supported in the box. (Using a 3rd party controller and driver, only to discover that when it reports an error, it becomes unavailable altogether, reboot to start again)

* Understand the features you are using. When I started, I configured a ZFS array with two hot spares, when a couple drives failed, the hot spares didn't activate, and I was stuck...

* Practice a version migration early on.

* Use a motherboard with ECC Ram if you're using ZFS, I can't understate this enough. AMD CPU + ASUS Motherboard seems to be your best bet here for Unregistered ECC memory in terms of bang for the buck.

* Use as much memory as possible... if you can use 32GB of ram, do so.

In general, it was fun while it lasted, right now, I put 4x 4TB drives in my old Synology 409 box, and it's running okay... I'm going to get one of the 12-drive synology boxes in a few months and test my old drives, putting them all in that moving forward. I really don't have the time and patience for dealing with a homebrew NAS.

I don't mean for this to discourage anyone, only pointing out that it's sometimes far easier to buy an appliance that DIY.

Comment: Re:Papers please (Score 2) 207

by aztracker1 (#48576003) Attached to: In Iowa, a Phone App Could Serve As Driver's License

Funny... Police cruisers can look up your driver's license based off of your Social Security number or Driver's License number (if you know it)... I've been pulled over when I'd forgotten mine, and there was no problem. Not sure what problem this really solves except maybe more invasive government.

Comment: Re:Fear the Asian carp (Score 1) 118

by Stargoat (#48548053) Attached to: How One Man Changed the Ecology of the Great Lakes With Salmon

The Asian carp is not going to destroy a 7 billion dollar a year industry any more than the zebra mussel did. The Asian carp will change the 7 billion dollar a year industry. The Chinese love Asian carp. I have had it, it's not bad. If it had a better name, I suspect it would sell better. Call it Asian Whitefish or Pekin Perch, some nonsense like that.

Comment: As an IT Manager (Score 5, Insightful) 545

by Stargoat (#48534571) Attached to: Should IT Professionals Be Exempt From Overtime Regulations?

I'm an IT Manager. I weekly am required to make my dudes work 45-50 hours. Two or three times a year, they put in 65 - 70 hour weeks. They get nothing for the OT except MAYBE comp-time. I don't even get the comp-time.

I am in favor of this. If the IT dudes were treated the same as everyone else, they wouldn't be required to work themselves half to death and get a reputation for being sullen.

Comment: 24kt Solo Cups? (Score 1) 191

What I'm curious about is how in the hell two disposable cups cost $127.30
Or how 220 gauze bandages comes to $424.60
Or 17 rolls of "pressure sensitive adhesive tape" (read: likely duct tape or equivalent) is $281.69
And a single plastic bag listed at $194.75

Does the US military electroplate their gear with precious metals before selling it, or what? I'm not even a US citizen, but those prices - sans a reasonable explanation - seem obscene.

PS: Taken from the MO Department of Public Safety.

Comment: Re:Don't fight it (Score 1) 720

by Stargoat (#48490351) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Making a 'Wife Friendly' Gaming PC?

You need to pay closer attention to the above comment. If gaming is important to you, your fiance knew this before she became your wife. If she demands that you change now, you need to ask yourself what are you willing to give up.

For example, let's say you have a dog. You've fond of your dog. You marry, and then the wife demands you put the dog outside. Or give it away.

It's only a difference in degree. Your choices matter as well. If gaming is central to your happiness, then the rig belongs in the living room. If your new wife doesn't like it, then maybe she doesn't.

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