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Comment Asteroid Defense? Orbital Construction? (Score 3, Insightful) 531

First, there are other uses for an asteroid in orbit with thrusters on it. Namely, ramming comets or asteroids on a collision course with earth. Second, why bring the resources to earth? They can be used for orbital construction.

Submission Raytheon under cyber attack after missile sales to->

Fippy Darkpaw writes: "After Raytheon began selling missiles to Taiwan in 2006, the defense company's computer network came under a torrent of cyberattacks."

"We truly had the 'come to Jesus moment' five years ago because we decided ... to sell missiles to Taiwan," said Vincent Blake, head of cyber security at Raytheon U.K., during a panel session at the RSA security conference in London on Wednesday."

"For some reason, a country next door to Taiwan didn't really like that so they got very interested in our IPR [intellectual property rights]," he said. "We've had to very, very rapidly catch up with our own internal networks."

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The Military

Submission Virus infects U.S. military drones-> 1

Fippy Darkpaw writes: "A computer virus has reportedly infected Predator and Reaper drones deployed in Afghanistan and other war zones. According to Danger Room's Noah Shachtman, the virus — which was first detected two weeks ago — logs every keystroke as U.S.-based pilots remotely fly combat and surveillance missions overseas."

"Unsurprisingly, military sources claim the virus hasn't managed to compromise classified information. As such, the drones have yet to be grounded."

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