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Comment Re:What happens next... (Score 1) 788

The Senate is supposed to consent to the nominee, not the nomination process. They should vote on whether they think the nominated person should be a justice, not whether they like the current president. Announcing that Obama's nominee will be opposed whoever it is goes beyond the constitutional authority of the Senate.

Unfortunately, there's not much to be done about it right now. We do live in a representative constitutional democracy, but it's maintenance requires a certain level care and faith. Laws alone aren't enough to hold it together. If you think the Senate should rubber stamp all nominees, or you think the Senate should delay all nominees, then you don't really care for our democracy. If the Senate itself thinks that way, we're in trouble.

Comment Re:oh ffs already (Score 1) 291

"Perhaps he really really really wants it to be true and is cherry picking facts like a creationist."

Do you have any evidence for this or are you just making shit up?

"Considering all the propaganda and groupthink activism out there now," half of slashdot seems to be convinced that anyone who complains of sexism is an attention hogging troll. By your logic, we should all discount anyone who is criticizes social justice movements.

Comment Re: I was able to successfully use a docx (Score 3, Interesting) 187

Yep. I always use LibreOffice to edit and send back documents for work. It usually works OK, but with frequent glitches. I worried about that, so I once asked our admin if she had a problem with the docs I sent back. She said mine were no worse than those she got from everybody else, and she had never realized I wasn't actually using MS word to edit them. Glitches and formatting errors is apparently completely normal even with the same version of MS word on different computers.

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