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Comment: Googled Matti Leshem's image (Score 1) 465

I think he might be fictitious... Nearly all of his pictures have the same face, it's just his suit that changes or the people he is with.
Stare straight ahead. Look confident with a hint of menace and an air of undeserving smugness ... now copy and paste.

Comment: Would not want that responsibility, thank you (Score 1) 38

by FilmedInNoir (#46455747) Attached to: NASA Offers Bounty For Improved Asteroid Detection Algorithms
So I created this algorithm for NASA, and ummm, I guess I missed a decimal point somewhere cause it didn't pick up this big asteroid heading towards us.
Anyway... probably want to spend some time with your loved ones today. I'm going to go empty a liquor store myself.

Comment: Re:Change is good (Score 2) 248

by FilmedInNoir (#46409915) Attached to: Steve Ballmer Blew Up At the Microsoft Board Before Retiring
Eeeeehhhhhhh.... that doesn't really apply. IBM had to change, typewriters and Mainframes were going the way of the dinosaur.
I don't see Windows doing that, actually worse, things that Microsoft hope would go extinct aren't (ie. XP).
Now Microsoft already has some forays into hardware but they just aren't that terribly profitable.

While the Xbox One and Xbox 360 sold 3.9 million and 3.5 million units respectively, gross margins for the Devices & Consumer Hardware division were down 46% to $0.4 billion. Total Surface revenue doubled to $0.89 billion (probably selling around 1 million Surface tablets), but costs also spiked to $0.93 billion (probably due to marketing and slim margins on the Surface tablets).(

Wow, $0.89 bil for the Surface that's amazing and .... oh... wait....

Commercial Licensing (Windows, SQL Server, Hyper-V) revenue grew 7% to $11 billion.

Yeah software is still the main cash cow and it's going to stay that way unless people, I dunno, everyone suddenly switches to Linux or something?

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