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Comment: Re:It happened before (Score 2) 212

It was serendipitous that Quebec did get hit by that to. Afterwards they put in a lot of newer systems in case of a repeat event,
which occurred on 2003 ( caused by a software bug. Anyone in Quebec and to the east of them weren't affected.

+ - Under The Sea: Rokudenashiko, Arrested For Sharing 3D Print Of Genitals->

Submitted by FilmedInNoir
FilmedInNoir (1392323) writes "42-year-old Megumi Igarashi, who works under the pseudonym Rokudenashiko, has come under scrutiny after she shared 3D prints of her vulva to supporters of her vagina boat project. The 42-year-old was accused of a Japanese penal code dating back to 1907, where it is illegal to sell or distribute obscene objects."
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+ - Microsoft closes Xbox Entertainment Studios->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "After the announcement the elimination of 18,000 jobs, responsible for some divisions Microsoft already responding and give details to their employees. Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, has just sent an email to his team to indicate the imminent closure of Xbox Entertainment Studios. The projects will be completed, but Microsoft no longer produce content.

Satya Nadella, the new CEO of Microsoft, recently reported that 18,000 layoffs would be made within a year. If the CEO wants to focus the group's activities in certain sectors, they are not protected to the extent of job cuts. Even if Microsoft wants to capitalize on the mobile, 12,500 layoffs concern this division, recently expanded by teams from Nokia."

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Comment: Re:Massive vertigo attacks (Score 1) 154

I had that issue with Metro 2033. Even without VR (I do have a 27" monitor, so that was a factor probably) I got sick playing it.
I think it was because I'd be moving forward and my characters head (ie. camera) would be swiveling around looking at other things

Comment: AllWinner Mele set-top boxes (Score 1) 183
There's a good dozen or more configurations for the hardware.

There's guides on the internet to installing different versions of Linux on it. (Unless you want to do Android dev)
I bought the A1000 version and a laptop HD (plugs in the top).
Then I installed Debian (using an online guide) and MiniDLNA. I use it as a media server for my TV.

Comment: From Wikipedia (Score 1) 132

by FilmedInNoir (#47383857) Attached to: Damian Conway On Perl 6 and the Philosophy of Programming
" As of 2009[dated info], multiple Perl 6 implementations are under development, but none of them are considered "complete". "
So, there have been releases of Perl 6 but no finalization, but aren't most programming languages like that now?
e.g. C# has 6 versions and Java (12ish, according to Wiki). Languages forever evolving.
I know PERL is old and people except it to be more rigid like Fortran (even with new versions), but Fortran isn't being used for web apps, etc. that see constant technological innovation.

Comment: Re:Not a Great Response (Score 1) 387

by FilmedInNoir (#47265059) Attached to: Code Spaces Hosting Shutting Down After Attacker Deletes All Data
That seems logical and intelligent,so I'm going to suggest two possibilities.
Either the people running Code Spaces are morons or they cooked up this hacker story to cover their tracks because of something else.
Either, again that they screwed up because they are morons, or that they are hemorrhaging money and wanted to shut down.

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