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Comment: Re:The video card in question.. (Score 2, Informative) 187 187

The reason for the GTX480 being faster is that it has 15 SM compared to 14 from the Tesla 2050. Also the GTX 480 runs at a higher clock speed (700 compared to 575). Put together this is 575/700*14/15 = 76.7% which comes pretty close to the 75%.

Comment: Re:It works in Safari... (Score 2, Informative) 527 527

By far Apple ain't biggest in IT, they are way smaller compared to some other companies. Say, HP, Dell, Microsoft, Nokia.

Apple is the largest company, by market capitalization, from the ones you mentioned.

  • DELL Mkt cap 25.92B
  • Nokia Mkt cap 35.88B
  • HP Mkt cap 107.99B
  • Microsoft Mkt cap 226.02B
  • Apple Mkt cap 232.91B

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