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Comment: Re:Tell Putin that you disapprove (Score 1) 309

by FilatovEV (#46483977) Attached to: Russia Blocks Internet Sites of Putin Critics
What do you want to say to the Russian people? We at are a team of volunteer translators who would _enjoy_ to facilitate the discussion between the West and Russia. However, nobody from the Western countries shows up. If you are so daring, register at and try to engage in/start a discussion in a dedicated English part of the forum. English is OK. You are welcome.

Comment: Re:I wonder... (Score 5, Interesting) 212

by FilatovEV (#44828461) Attached to: Snowden Nominated For Freedom of Thought Prize

how a prize named after Andrei Sakharov is gonna go over with Snowden's landlord, a veteran of the KGB that tormented Andrei Sakharov.

Reportedly, Putin is a fan of Sakharov.

An excerpt some early interview with American "National Public Radio":

Mr. Siegel: On another subject, our listener, Alfred Friendly Jr., sent us this question. He wants to know what influence you believe Andrei Sakharov and other human rights advocates and their supporters in the West had on the course of Soviet and Russian history.
President Putin: I think that was a crucial impact that they provided. It was a fundamental impact that they provided to the Russian history. At different periods, certain periods of time in the life of any nation, there will be people who turn on the light, if you will, and they show a road for the nation to follow. And no doubt Andrei Sakharov was one of those people who turned on the light.

That is, there are no problems whatsoever regarding Sakharov prize for Snowden.

You might also want to check that Putin is a fan of Solzhenitsyn, too -- under Putin, Solzhenitsyn's masterpiece was included into the Russian regular high school curriculum.

There are two major products that come out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX. We don't believe this to be a coincidence. -- Jeremy S. Anderson