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He is no different than any of the others that you either support or remain silent who preach hate and disrespect.

This is remarkable. You're accusing me of supporting unnamed people, and tasking me with regulating their behavior? Unless, of course, they are same-sex and seek a ceremony they call "marriage", I presume?

You are just following and believing what you see on the TV

I was just watching Luna with the kids, watch HGTV and a bit of NBC News 4. My viewing is so scant that, while I know the name of Falwell, I can state honestly I've never seen his show.
Nor, come to think of it, have I ever watched any televangelist.

You support everything Sharpton/Obama/etc does when somebody else more to your liking does it.

I'm sorry? I have supported any conservative who went into a place and stirred up trouble under false pretenses, undermining the rule of law? I don't think that was a swift idea, even when it was Ollie North in Central America.
If it wasn't clear you're a pure troll, you might get more than a chuckle out of me.
I'd like to invite you to church sometime. You could use some moral and mental clarity.

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by smitty_one_each (#48475883) Attached to: Ferguson

I'm am only interested in your responses when poked with a bit of truth about your real animal nature that you try so hard to suppress.

Consider life as a journey along a course called "destiny". The "animal nature" you point to is the sinful, rebellious desire to go off course. Remind me again why I want to be off course?

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What he doing that is so different from any other preacher touting your conformity? He only conducting business like they do.

I realize you're trolling, but seriously? You don't understand the difference between teaching people to be mature, spiritually aware adults vs. looters?

your Jerry Falwell types

You would have to visit my church to be grasped by the paradox at work in this formulation.

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by smitty_one_each (#48474359) Attached to: What is it like to be mentally ill?

This makes me pose a question: If someone kills their children while insane, isn't helping them recover their sanity (and realizing what they had done) really cruel? And if they weren't insane, how could they do such a thing?

I wouldn't try to answer your question directly, but refine it somewhat. Sanity, in the rational sense, is never undesirable. The cruelty creeps in from the emotional dimension.

Entropy isn't what it used to be.