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Comment: Re:Do It, it worked in AZ (Score 1) 886

by FictionPimp (#49339453) Attached to: Gen Con Threatens To Leave Indianapolis Over Religious Freedom Bill

There is always alternatives to verizon and comcast. You don't' believe me? Just ask verizon or comcast, they will tell you there are always alternatives. Can't find them? You just are not looking hard enough. For example, you could start your own ISP. Can't afford that? Well it's not comcast's fault your too poor, but you still had the choice.

Comment: Re: Dupe (Score 1) 840

Exactly! I do contract work at $150 an hour. So any time I have to myself either has to be fun and enjoyable, or save me more than my $150 an hour rate. If it takes an hour to do and someone can do it for me for $50 bucks, then I'm going to pay for it. Not because I don't know how, but because I'd rather use that time doing something enjoyable.

Speaking of this, anyone have a service for going clothes shopping with your wife?

User hostile.