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Comment: Re:Boo hoo... (Score 1) 815 815

I pulled it out of my ass, but I do not personally know a single person who's cell phone is not android or iphone. Not a one. Not my grandma, my parents, my friends, my co-workers, or anyone I've met in my day to day life.

If you have a phone you are probably using a android device or iphone.

Comment: Re:How are 99 percent unable to sideload? (Score 1) 815 815

Which is why I say 99%. The average phone user has no clue this functionality exists and further more enabling this would be detrimental to their daily lives. It's like saying "You can have your free speech, just turn off your antivirus and run as admin"

I applaud google for providing this option to power users and I myself have no solution for regular users, but the fact remains that the average user has no clue they have any other choice except google play.

Comment: Re:Boo hoo... (Score 4, Informative) 815 815

While your argument is correct, it also points out the glaring issues with the walled gardens created by apple and google with their ubiquitous marketplaces. If software is speech and if mobile apps can only be installed via app stores (which for 99% of phone using Americans is the case) then we can easily say that google and apple now have more control over our speech than we should be comfortable with.

Who cares if the government allows free speech only to have it taken away by the corporations that control our means to make our speech?

Comment: Re:MSVS is fine - Teach "this isn't the only way" (Score 1) 255 255

College is not the real world, it's about learning, understanding, and searching. I would give partial credit to someone who has shown their work, but ultimately found the wrong answer. I would also give less credit to someone who has the right answer, but has no work to show.

Example, if I'm teaching OOP and I get a binary that solves the problem I gave, how do I know they used OOP? I'd give more credit to the guy with some source code that doesn't compile, but shows a better grasp of OOP.

Comment: Re:Voice mails are very much needed (Score 1) 395 395

Also, maybe the only time I have to talk is on that hour long drive from location A to B. I can't text you as that would be unsafe, but I can call you. Without VM I can't leave a message so how long do I let it ring and how long do I wait before calling again? If I left a VM I'd wait for you to call me back.

Comment: Re:You're dying off (Score 1) 287 287

It's actually kinda intuitive. I don't have to reach for the dash (and I'm not a fan of controls on the steering wheel). I can lay my hand down comfortably and control any aspect of the car's entertainment system. Once setup I don't have to look over to use the system. I know where my favorites are and how to move around by feel, just like the old systems, only without the reach.

Where this would break down is if you were driving a manual. But that's what voice control is for.

Comment: Re:You're dying off (Score 2) 287 287

Having bought a new car this year and a new car two years ago I think I'm right in their demographic. I'm a DINK in my 30's. I have been thinking about replacing my current audi with something newer. I looked a Mercedes and the reason I don't like them is mostly due to interior tech. I want a large display, centralized controls (like bmw, audi, and mazda). The more tech the better. My wife's new car has a HUD and that is really cool.

Sadly if you're not plush, luxury, and high tech, your not getting to provide my next car.

God helps them that themselves. -- Benjamin Franklin, "Poor Richard's Almanac"