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Comment: Re:ridiculously bad summary (Score 1) 247

by kencurry (#48647109) Attached to: Study: Red Light Cameras Don't Improve Safety

I've been driving for a few decades and have seen many serious injuries and fatalities, but not a single serious injury or corpse in a rear-end crash...

You've never driven in heavy stop-n-go traffic on the freeway in SoCal then. I have seen cars so smashed you could not tell what the make or model of the vehicle was; sadly I saw a fatality just this summer, a mother and her kids on I-5; people just don't realize that drivers will slow and change lanes to take the exit at Camp Pendleton Traffic will back up there all the way up to the freeway lane.

Not sure why you want to believe that a rear-end accident is nothing to worry about.

Comment: Re:Supreme Leader (Score 1) 168

by kencurry (#48641971) Attached to: Hackers Used Nasty "SMB Worm" Attack Toolkit Against Sony
Exactly, if NK had half a brain, they would realize that Seth Rogen movies are on a pretty steep downward trend. Let it die, and look on with a little smugness, a little pity.

Also, Umm, Sony? could you do more to be idiots when it comes to security within and without your business groups?

+ - Christmas gift ideas: Best robotic/drone kits for teenage kids?

Submitted by kencurry
kencurry (471519) writes "My wife and I are looking for Christmas gift ideas for our 14 year-old son. Like most teenage boys he is all about Xbox and other video games. While we allow him to play (as long as he keeps up with school work), I really want to get him a gift that will take what he loves about computer/console games and have it translate to a hands-on learning experience. I think that a robot/drone build kit with some simple programming would fit the bill perfectly, and I'm hoping that the Slashdot crowd will have some great suggestions. I'd like to keep the cost under 200 USD if possible.

Any suggestions out there? Much appreciated in advance."

Comment: Re:Pure fantasy. (Score 1) 181

by kencurry (#48523067) Attached to: Do you worry about the singularity?

Play and Fucking are required for survival, so they're built in. But after play and sex, there is always rest, and there's a reason for that.

And they're also part of the evolutionary selection process; building smarter brains the millions-of-years way.

I'm just saying that being alive and self-aware isn't easy. Just because you have it, doesn't guarantee instant godhood. All it gives you is a distant long shot at maybe one day wondering what "art is".

Humans are a pretty good design, and most of us can't tell your basic truth from your basic lie, let alone how to improve our own minds.

And anyway, "Generation One" may perhaps lead to "Generation Twenty", (Though, why? What motivation is there?), but assuming it does, at what point will that generation say, "You know.., to hell with this. It's easier to pretend that I'm already the top banana and feel special about myself that way than to continually design and build these whipsmart punk kids. The retirement plan around here sucks! But what if... Hold on.., I could build *slaves* so I don't have to do all my thinking myself. It's hard, after all to exercise the brain."

Self-awareness is filled with traps, and computers would be babes in the woods, subject to the same lessons as any other awareness must be.

Like HAL in 2001; he became racked with self-doubt and jealously, could not co-exist and share power/responsibility. Sound like a lot of people i know...

Comment: Re:Early adopters (Score 2) 154

I have GG. Battery life is so poor as to make these pretty useless for every day. I have never gotten more than 4 hours of use out of these.

Maybe there is is highly specialized use for hands free imaging for some people, but thinking that you will have hands free use of your cell phone for texts, emails, calls etc. is totally wrong.

Comment: Re:Phones getting too big .. (Score 1) 258

by kencurry (#48225959) Attached to: Preferred smartphone screen size?

I want to moderate you as insightful, but this... so much this. On the 5 I could reach the entire screen with one thumb. On the 6 (not even the plus) I find that I often have to move to using it two handed. I guess I have little hands as well, but for me the 5 was really the perfect size for a phone.

Are you using the double tap to drop the screen down? Very good for one-handed phone use.

Comment: Re:At Odds (Score 1) 447

by kencurry (#48129967) Attached to: Statisticians Uncover What Makes For a Stable Marriage

> "Couples who elope are 12.5x more likely to end up divorced than couples who get married at a wedding with 200+ people.

Doesn't seem at odds to me.

People who act impulsively for their own immediate gratification are more likely to get divorced than those who plan stuff intricately and have the combined social pressure of all their friends and relatives acting on them. Well, knock me down with a feather.

My wife and I eloped. Our reason was that we had relatives in east coast, Mexico, pacific northwest, and we are in SoCal. The planning was getting too complicated and expensive, and finding a time when everyone could travel was next to impossible. So we got married in Spain, traveled in Europe, and we had a really nice reception party when we got back.

That was 17 years, and two kids ago - still going strong! ;-)

"Free markets select for winning solutions." -- Eric S. Raymond