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Comment: Re:Giving up on motion control (Score 1) 132

by Fez (#41350239) Attached to: Can Nintendo Court the Casuals Again?

It says in a few places that things can be controlled by "tilting" the Wii U Gamepad, and some things are controlled by turning it sideways and "aiming" using it, so I think it sort of sounds like it actually is a traditional Wii controller in some regards, but there probably won't be any more solid info until more people get their hands on it (or maybe when NDA's expire?).

I like the accuracy of Motion Plus but it loses calibration extremely easy. I constantly had to re-center the controls while playing Zelda: Skyward Sword.

There is also a sports game as a launch title, but not from N, it's an Ubisoft title "Sports Connection", so I'm cautiously optimistic. I think the Nintendoland concept is going to be a lot more interesting than Wii Sports was, at least to me.

I preordered a Deluxe the other day, so I guess I'll all find out eventually. :-)

Input Devices

Microsoft Surface, Meet Apple iSurface 201

Posted by Unknown Lamer
from the apple-sues-ms-for-pre-infringement dept.
theodp writes "Responding to Microsoft's Windows 8 efforts, Apple CEO Tim Cook insisted in late April that combining a tablet and a notebook would be like converging a toaster and a refrigerator. But a patent application submitted by Apple last year — and made public Tuesday morning — proposes marrying a tablet and a keyboard to create 'a true laptop alternative,' which GeekWire notes looks a lot like Microsoft Surface (comparison pic). In its patent filing, Apple describes various ways that a tablet's cover could be used as an I-O device — as a tactile-feedback keyboard ('word processing and email become much more efficient'), to display additional output, as a touchpad replacement, and even to receive stylus input. 'The experience,' claims Apple, 'is even better in some ways than the laptop experience.'"

Comment: Re:pFSense support for IPv6? (Score 1) 236

by Fez (#40236587) Attached to: World IPv6 Launch Day Underway

When will pFSense 2.2 be out? And will it still correspond to FBSD8.3, or 9? Also, in FBSD9, there is an IPv6-only option that can be installed, so that developers can test whether their applications really work w/ IPv6. Would any version of pFSense have that, just in case anybody wanted an IPv6 only router and firewall but not any IPv4?

2.2 will be a bit far out yet, not sure. We'll be targeting FreeBSD 9.1 or so for that. We wanted to be on 9.x for pfSense 2.1 but we had far too many issues and backed down to 8.3 which was much easier to adapt. Since 2.0 took so long to get out, we decided to try and do more frequent releases, about every 6 months or so. That's slipped a bit, but we have had some security releases for 2.0.x since 2.0 came out (2.0.2 is coming out in 1-2 weeks) so it hasn't looked like such a long gap as we had between 1.2.3 and 2.0. Using that logic, I'd expect 2.2 sometime before or near the end of the year. It depends on what all we decide to add for it.

If you want IPv6 only, you can do that on pfSense 2.1 now. We have a developer that has a v6-only circuit in .nl and pfSense 2.1 is routing it fine, that's how we've debugged some of the issues. If you want v6 only, you can configure only v6 IP's on interfaces (and set v4 to 'none') or block v4 in firewall rules. What FreeBSD 9 does better there is that you can completely remove it at the OS level as well for things like localhost, which isn't quite so important in a routing role as it would be for a client platform.

Also, would pFSense come w/ a built in DHCP6 server?

Sure, it does Router Advertisements as well as DHCPv6, and they can be configured to work complimentary to each other. Of course since it's wrapped in a GUI there may be certain scenarios you can't do (yet) with DHCPv6 but most things that most people want to do are possible.

Comment: Re:IPv6 home router? (Score 1) 236

by Fez (#40235317) Attached to: World IPv6 Launch Day Underway

Anything you can put *WRT or similar on can do it (as others have mentioned in this post). Or if you want to run a software firewall on some spare hardware, pfSense (2.1 beta), m0n0wall, and some others support IPv6 also.

I have seen some ZyXel routers that had IPv6 support in their GUI, which gives me hope. Though I don't recall the specific model. Wikipedia> and Sixxs have lists of routers that do support IPv6 out of the box.

Comment: Re:IPv6 multi-homing status (Score 1) 236

by Fez (#40234981) Attached to: World IPv6 Launch Day Underway

1) Is out for people who want automated failover
2) Is prohibitively expensive for most
3) Is interesting, but still early
4) Works fine, now, and provides functional multi-homing. Why discard it? NPt isn't pure evil. It's not ideal, but it gets the job done without requiring all of that extra setup or dynamic routing protocols on top.

Comment: Re:pFSense support for IPv6? (Score 1) 236

by Fez (#40234675) Attached to: World IPv6 Launch Day Underway

[Disclaimer, I am a pfSense developer, employee, and book author so I'm a bit biased] :-)

pfSense is based on FreeBSD 8.3 with quite a few things patched in the kernel and base system. We've been doing quite a lot of work lately on getting the last few bits of IPv6 going along with some other features we have in the chamber for 2.1. IPv6 support is the main focus of pfSense 2.1 so changes in other areas have happened but they have been minimal in comparison.

Here is a spreadsheet covering the current status of IPv6 in various areas of pfSense. Some of those will have to wait for pfSense 2.2.

We just got one key feature holding back 2.1 from being released solved, and there are a few more bugs left but progressing rapidly.

Comment: Re:IPv6 multi-homing status (Score 1) 236

by Fez (#40234571) Attached to: World IPv6 Launch Day Underway

The cost for PI space and peering is still rather high, even at the "discounted" time-limited rates that are supposed to encourage adoption. I doubt many SOHO operations are going to want to shell out several thousand per year extra for that.

Sure that is the "right" way, but there are other ways (see my other post under this parent).

Comment: Re:Just got mine... (Score 1) 168

by Fez (#38585372) Attached to: Transformer Prime To Get ICS On January 12, Boot Unlocker Coming

I haven't taken it outside to try to get a lock. It found my location inside, but not via GPS. I can't get a lock with any GPS device (even my handheld Garmin) inside my house, so I'm not shocked. If I get some time today I'll try to take it outside to see if I can get a lock.

They say the metal back panel interferes with the GPS signal, and I don't doubt it. Personally, my uses for GPS on here will be minimal though. When I'm on the road I can use location-based services on my phone rather than a tablet, but time will tell how much of a problem it may be.

Comment: Re:Just got mine... (Score 1) 168

by Fez (#38585198) Attached to: Transformer Prime To Get ICS On January 12, Boot Unlocker Coming

I want to get the dock but nobody had it in stock yet. It works great without it, so I don't mind waiting until the current craze dies down.

The stock Asus Battery widget looks like it displays indicators for both the tablet and dock batteries. I have a screenshot of the widget preview for proof if someone really wants to see it.

Comment: Re:Just got mine... (Score 1) 168

by Fez (#38585162) Attached to: Transformer Prime To Get ICS On January 12, Boot Unlocker Coming

I have dozens of unix boxes I can ssh to if I need to do anything like that. I plan on using it as a tablet myself, even if I do get the dock it's main purpose is internet apps + games.

If I need to do anything more complex, I can always ssh or vnc/rdp to another box and do it remotely.

The transformer prime does a bit nicer job of multitasking though, the recent apps button lets you easily swap between running applications or kill ones you aren't using. I'm not sure if that's an Asus thing or a Honeycomb thing though.

Comment: Just got mine... (Score 4, Insightful) 168

by Fez (#38581572) Attached to: Transformer Prime To Get ICS On January 12, Boot Unlocker Coming

I just got mine this afternoon, ordered just before Christmas from Best Buy and it came today. So far, I'm impressed with it.

I will probably not root the thing, and have no interest in custom ROMs, so aside from the impending ICS update it's great for me as-is.

I've been playing on it non-stop since I pulled it off the charger about 3 hours ago and even with all manner of app installing and game playing it's barely below 75% charge.

Comment: Re:Awesome (Score 3, Informative) 53

by Fez (#38162272) Attached to: Dutch Government Officially Trusts OpenVPN-NL

pfSense 2.1 has been including an IPv6 capable OpenVPN setup with tun for a few months now, though it's still in early development. The client on the firewall is capable, as is the windows client that the export package can generate with an included config.

openvpn[32839]: OpenVPN 2.2.0 i386-portbld-freebsd8.1 [SSL] [LZO2] [eurephia] [MH] [PF_INET6] [IPv6 payload 20110424-2 (2.2RC2)] built on Aug 11 2011

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