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Comment Re:It was on the rise... (Score 0) 125 125

<quote><p>On the other hand, we now know the complete value of Pi to enough digits that we can encircle the entire Universe and be accurate to the NANOSECOND. How accurate is enough?</p></quote>

You probably mean nanometre here. Nevertheless, I remember an Asimov essay saying that given the radius and even just a few dozen digits of pi, we could calculate the circumference of the universe to a small fraction of an electron. I think he said 70 digits would do.

Comment Re:Internet history repeating (1996 Hasbro vs IEG) (Score 0) 169 169

I just went to on a whim.

You would be surprised at what I found there. It's Hasbro, all right, on a search page with "0 items found".

I guess the irreparable injury of 1996 has passed, and now they don't care.

Comment Re:Why is EC more secure than RSA? (Score 1) 366 366

I don't think your keyboard is connected correctly.

Honestly, it's hard to take you seriously - even if what you say is correct and pertinent - when you consistently misspell simple words. It's "lengTH", which ends in a "TH" sound as in "THis" or "THat", not an "HT" sound as in "unenligHTened". Not to mention "yields", "remember", "numbers", "though", and "polynomially" [although I just did].


Comment Seasonal Wallpaper Solution? (Score -1, Flamebait) 418 418

You've endured mockery because of this requirement, but here's what I use: is a free utility that downloads daily Bing images and rotates them as wallpaper. Come the holidays they will show up as wallpapers also. It's completely automatic, and you can choose to keep the images to build up a nice collection of pretty pictures, as I have.

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