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Comment: Re:Links ! (Score 4, Insightful) 242

by Ferzerp (#44814749) Attached to: Wireless Charging Start-Up Claims 30-Foot Radius

Not really. That was an *extremely* poorly controlled experiment by grade school students. Magically, no one else has produced similar results in an actual controlled study.

If your *only* evidence is a single experiment performed by individuals with barely rudimentary training in the sciences, you might want to consider that it is your bias causing you to readily accept the outlier as opposed to the norm.

Comment: Re:My give-a-darn meter is reading negative GADs (Score 2, Interesting) 180

by Ferzerp (#44742091) Attached to: Patent Suit Leads To 500,000 Annoyed Software Users

I think it's the hubris of Apple hurting the "software users" more than the patent holder. Instead of working something out, notifying its users, or something else, it just makes their app work poorly now.

Perhaps they can be told they are holding it wrong causing connectivity issues....

Comment: Re:Now if we could just kill PDF... (Score 5, Informative) 212

by Ferzerp (#43879091) Attached to: DRM: How Book Publishers Failed To Learn From the Music Industry

The reason is, PDF and ebooks are really at odds with one another.

The point of PDF is to render the exact same on each screen. Like a physical book, each page should always look the same (only zoomed or not zoomed). An ebook needs to be able to reflow the text to support changing aspect ratios, font sizes, etc. When you do this with PDF, you can just zoom in or out. If your application is actually reflowing a PDF, that means it's not really displaying a PDF. Instead, it is taking the content, extracting it, and displaying it in some native format.

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by Ferzerp (#43803997) Attached to: Curiosity Rewarded: Florida Teen Heading to Space Camp, Not Jail

Fear motivates the world (or at least the US) these days.

The media peddles it, the two political parties (I was tempted to say major, but they have a lock on it) *both* peddle it to great effect. They each have their own brand, but they're both villainous in their exploitation of it.

The public has bought in to it, and individuals and groups lacking in scruples have noticed that it can be used to rally support.

Comment: Re:3D-Printed Revolver? (Score 3, Interesting) 521

by Ferzerp (#43782309) Attached to: Working Handgun Printed On a Sub-$2,000 3D Printer

It does appear that the goal is not to reduce crime, though that is used as a statistic. I do agree that the banning of guns appears to be an end on its own for these people. It makes little sense. There is an irrational fear, probably instilled at an early age. It is similar to the irrational fear that other people have towards people instead of objects. I think it is the same base motivation, and the separate groups each see their cause as just. It doesn't mean they both aren't delusional though.

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by Ferzerp (#43661119) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Won't Companies Upgrade Old Software?

This is an easy assumption to make, but it isn't always the truism you're making it out to be. Many software packages are highly specialized. There may only be a handful of options available that perform their function. Many of them may be difficult and far more expensive than you realize to upgrade, may have been abandoned, may have been ruined by "improvements" during upgrades, etc. When a piece of software is integral to a business, and there is no simple upgrade path, sometimes the cheapest (and *correct*) option is to stay on an "outdated" platform. Often, mitigating the issues with the old systems are cheaper than upgrading the software (if that is even possible).

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