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Comment: Re:Most tools I've tried are useless (Score 1) 398

by FerretFrottage (#19409907) Attached to: Memory Checker Tools For C++?
"The Java model of just leaking objects and hoping they'll get collected sooner or later seems horrible."

Well if you are leaking objects and they have hard references to them, then they won't be collected. Hence the word "leak". However, if one manages their objects correctly, the current generation of jvms perform quite well IMHO.

+ - Choosing firewall solution for school network

Submitted by
Bati writes "I have to design the network infrastructure for my school as an assignment. We have to decide on which parts of the network we spend alot of money, and on which we try to keep it cheap. I wanted to use a not-so-expensive firewall solution.
Is this a good idea? And which linux solutions are available ?
You can find a diagram at this url f


Journal: How to rotate AVI files using Avidemux

Journal by timothy

How to rotate an AVI file:

I take little videos with my Casio digicam, including of note the crazy stories that my ueber-smart niece tells about ghosts, goblins, vampires etc. However, when my videos are taken in portrait rather than landscape mode, it's a bit of a pain -- it's simple to rotate *still* photos (many options exist for this, including the image viewers built into Gnome and KDE, as well as larger hammers like GIMP and ImageMagick), but for AVIs, things get uglier.


Is DRM Intrinsically Distasteful? 631

Posted by Zonk
from the tastes-like-chicken dept.
jelton writes "If digital media was available for sale at a reasonable price, but subject to a DRM scheme that allowed full legitimate usage (format shifting, time shifting, playback on different devices, etc.) and only blocked illicit usage (illegal copying), would you support the usage of such a DRM scheme? Especially if it meant a wealth of readily available compatible devices? In other words, if you object to DRM schemes, is your objection based on principled or practical concerns?"
Media (Apple)

Apple is DRM's Biggest Backer 400

Posted by Zonk
from the set-my-mp3s-free dept.
parvenu74 writes "Arstechnica is running an article pointing out that while some pockets of the entertainment industry are experimenting with DRM-free distribution, Apple Inc, which announced that they have now sold over 2,000,000,000 songs on iTunes, is now the strongest pro-DRM force in digial media. From the article: 'DRM is dying. It's a statement being echoed with increasing frequency around the Web over the last few weeks, and is perhaps best articulated in this Billboard article. But there's a powerful force standing in the way of this DRM-free panacea, and it might not be the one you expect: Apple, Inc.'"

There is no distinction between any AI program and some existent game.