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Comment: Old School game compilations for consoles (Score 1) 506

by FellatioBluntwhistle (#14941674) Attached to: Two-Player Games for Mixed Skill Level Players?
My wife is a moderate video game player so she isn't skilled in some newer games. When we play some newer games, like say fighting games I'll choose a character I don't know to even up the match.

What I found is lots of old school games even things out. I buy lots of compilations for the PS2 from old Atari games when we were kids to old school Capcom collections. I have about 4 or 5 of these and each one comes with 15-20 games so we have a large variety of games.

Since my wife isn't in to first person kill-em' games these work great! Even turned based games like pac-man work well.

I even have my old NES and SNES wired up and playing games like Donkey Kong Country, SMB and Dr. Mario are always a good time. :)

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