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Comment: Slashdot sucks! (Score 1) 228

by Felix von Leitner (#2032555) Attached to: In Defense of Anonymous Cowards
Slashdot was once a cool site. Now it just broke down under it's own weight. The pages are >100k most of the time, viewing slashdot takes ages from Germany, and people who like to jerk off in public, like this Jon Katz guy here, get to post stories.

Personally, I don't have a problem that people like him are there. Just confine them somewhere outside the Internet. How can someone like him, who doesn't even know the difference between the Internet and the Web, dare to talk down on Anonymous Cowards? At least those guys don't have to leave their name on every corner like dogs and graffitti "artists"!

And Slashdot will continue to suck, even more so that it sucks now. CmdrTaco does not post earthshattering international events like the ETSI documentation being released on the web, because of some chauvinistic "it's not in the US, so it's not important" attitude, and he does not add the "I don't want to see Ask Slashdot" or "killfile Jon Katz" features. It's time to abandon Slashdot. Now.

And Jon, it really disgusts me how you always make sure that you mention your incredible credentials, there other web sites where you pissed at the corner. If you had any actual competence, you wouldn't need that.

I never cheated an honest man, only rascals. They wanted something for nothing. I gave them nothing for something. -- Joseph "Yellow Kid" Weil