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Comment Re:Male-ness is a Secondary Characteristic (Score 1) 166

Redundantly, at the risk of being redundant, there is concern over a lack of men in nursing. Men are especially valued specializations requiring heavy lifting (traditionally, post-op orthopaedic floors, rehab, some medical floors). There isn't nearly as many resources being put to men in nursing as there seems to be women going into "Computer Science." I put quotes on that, since many of the 'civilians' I talk to think Computer Science is one and the same as web and 'app' development.

Comment Re:Funny way of saying "SQLServer Pricing Doubles" (Score 1) 110


Microsoft has pushed in the next-to-be-released version of .NET all of the libraries to support the Microsoft technologies running on Linux or Mac. If this is true, then Microsoft can't really charge for core pricing / cpu pricing on operating systems / database platforms that it doesn't own.

Comment Re:Accepting a story from Florian Meuller? (Score 5, Informative) 110

It's not just .NET. It's the .NET compiler. ASP.NET. ASP.NET MVC. The Entity Framework. .NET Core Runtime libraries. This stuff is the heart of Microsoft development. And it's all open-source. And, they are providing support for cross-platform development on Mac and Linux. The Visual Studio Community edition is free (free as in beer).

People can be skeptical to be skeptical, but, as you eluded to, this is not the Microsoft of old. As some of my friends have said, "Haters gonna hate..." And some things won't change.

Comment Why you shouldn't consider Scientology a religion (Score 1) 700

How is scientology any less of a religion than christianity or islam or mormons or any other belief system? If its ok for christians, it should be ok for scientologists, or it should be not ok for anyone to have tax exempt status.

Why you shouldn't consider Scientology a religion and Christianity, Jews, etc. are religions.

Just look at names of the prophets..

* Jesus Christ - that's a real prophet's name.
* Moses - sounds like a real prophet to me, too.
* Buddha - Definitely a prophet.
* Mohammed - Yep, sounds good to me.
* L. Ron Hubbard - Nope.. No way that's a prophet's name.. Hubbard? Come on..
* Joe Smith - ok, now you're pushing it.. No prophet would ever be named Joe.

That's all you need to do.

Comment Re:It's a self-correcting problem. (Score 1) 245

Sorry - I disagree with your statement that antibiotics cause more harm than good. If you look at what health and medicine was prior to antibiotic usage and after, it's night and day. I think most rational people would take a world with antibiotics (even with the adverse effects and resistance that is going on) than nothing at all. Surgeries are much safer, less amputations are needed with infected limbs, etc.

I say this as someone who's son had a life-threatening illness that was brought about by antibiotics.

Seriously, can you imagine a world without antibiotics??? (slightly off-topic, I think we'll find out eventually, with resistance becoming what it is.

Comment Re:Gerson (Score 1) 698

From the article:

No conclusions about the effectiveness of the Gerson therapy, either as an adjuvant to other cancer therapies or as a cure, can be drawn from any of the studies reported above.

So if you want to link to a study showing how effective this therapy is, the above link is NOT the one to use. Find one with confirmation of the results in a fairly large, repeatable study.

Comment Encouragement... (Score 4, Insightful) 50

We've been asking for years now (decades, even) for Microsoft to become more open. Regardless of their motivation, this kind of behavior should be encouraged, rather than ridiculed. To my knowledge, none of the other platforms they've open sourced has 'taken back' by them, as some conspiracy theorists have anticipated. While I'm under no illusion that Office or Windows will ever be open sourced, I'm very happy that much of their other platforms are becoming more open and hope they continue to do so.

Comment Re:Influenza is a serious risk (Score 2) 258

Ordinarily, I wouldn't respond to an AC.. But, Ebola HAS mutated into an airborne form in the past. Look at some non-recent (as in, non-edited) posts about Ebola Reston. As I recall, it was an airborne strain of Ebola. Fortunately, when it mutated into an airborne form, it was no longer infectious in humans.

Comment Re:What to know (Score 1) 548

I didn't realize the .NET bubble popped. In the mid-atlantic area, there are a lot of people looking for SEASONED .NET Developers, commanding 6 figure salaries. I know the start-up community shies away from .NET (which is an understatement), but the corporate world has a lot of use for .NET, and appears to do so for the time being.

Your mileage may vary.

Comment Re:This is how business should be done (Score 2) 168

Yes, I agree with this. But, at some point, investors need to get a return on their investment: it's what they asked for and it is required by law. The have never paid a dividend (as far as I can tell), and so their stock price is the only real way to get a return on the investment. At what point does "avoiding short-term profits for long term gains" become a losing bet? When does "long term" happen? That's what investors want to know.

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