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Comment: Re:Computer Science curriculum (Score 1) 293

by FearTheDonut (#47245287) Attached to: Average HS Student Given Little Chance of AP CS Success
That's interesting to hear. I think my school (University of Delaware, class 2003) mostly assumed you had that entering in the program. It might well have changed.

That being said, I do take issue with one thing: as far as I can imagine, there is only one way to skin a cat. :)

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by FearTheDonut (#47245069) Attached to: Average HS Student Given Little Chance of AP CS Success
For a standard high-school "computer" class, yes, I agree with you. 100%. But I'm referring to Advanced Placement classes, where it's gearing you for college credits. It should teach them the same things I've had to learn my first class in CS: basic algorithm development, pointer arithmetic, registers. (My first intro to CS class has us learning C inside and out).

Is this the exception for CS classes now? Or a typical program?

Comment: Computer Science curriculum (Score 1) 293

by FearTheDonut (#47244889) Attached to: Average HS Student Given Little Chance of AP CS Success
Does anyone know exactly what is taught in a CS AP class? I'm sure a lot of people would love to be in a "AP CS" class, but the cold, hard reality is that CS can be very different than what many people thing. Just learning JavaScript to make a hip HTML 5 website, while entertaining to some, is not Computer Science. But teach Lisp/Scheme to the students to learn the value of S-Expressions, or algorithm development will help lead others down the road of Computer Science. Just Building A WebSite != Computer Science.

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by FearTheDonut (#47231457) Attached to: GOP Voters To Be Targeted By Data Scientists
I hear what you're saying about hostility towards law breakers / etc.
Now, if blanket amnesty were passed (as in, no such thing as 'Illegal Immigants'), I seriously doubt that the majority of that hostility would suddenly go away. I also can't picture those same people who are simply trying to support the law be just as passionate as protecting the new citizen / aliens rights.

Perhaps I simply lack imagination.

(Also, I don't ever expect that type of law ever to be passed, nor necessarily think that's a good thing.)

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I'm wasting Mod Points on this reply.

You are correct in that they had filibuster-proof majority for a brief time. HOWEVER, Obamacare / ACTA (which ever you prefer) was passed with Republican help, only after they lost their super-majority. Remember Ted Kennedy dying? That caused them to lose their majority. Before that, if Democrats were lock-step, we'd be having real socialized health-care instead of these marketplaces. The market-place idea (similar to Romney-care, as I understand) was the compromise to get Olympia Snow and others to vote for universal healthcare. If you are an extremely right-wing person, you should be glad that the democrats aren't lock-step for this reason alone.

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I've always thought NPR was about as unbiased as you get. I've heard all sorts of stories there, although they do have a lot of human-interest stuff. And sometimes that's immediately labeled liberal. But I've heard things on NPR that are downright evangelical in nature (usually around holidays).

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by FearTheDonut (#47077593) Attached to: Botched Executions Put Lethal Injections Under New Scrutiny
I agree it isn't a deterrent to crime. That being said, who is eliminating the death penalty going to save money? The alternative would be life in prison. The average age of a person subjected to the death penalty is 42 years old (as of 1/1/2005.. Please let me know if someone has better numbers). If the average of someone dying in prison is, say, 50 (which I'd bet is rather low), you have 8 years of paying for the prisoner.

I think it would be much more of a deterrent if sentences were carried out quickly and very very publically (the proverbial town square). I know punishing a child for something they did 3 weeks ago isn't a deterrent to them. Why would a 10 year delay from sentencing to execution be different?

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