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Comment: I love Microsoft (Score 0) 39

by Fear the Clam (#48127165) Attached to: Microsoft's Quantum Mechanics

Every year or so you read about all of these brilliant researchers working on fascinating projects for them. The rest of the time, it's just one mediocre release of Windows and Office after another.

It's like a Michael Crichton book: Some guy brings dinosaurs back and all he can think to do with it is open an amusement park.

Comment: Re:Now wait (Score 1) 210

by Fear the Clam (#47217777) Attached to: Amazon Dispute Now Making Movies Harder To Order

Largely I think publishers just don't give a fuck about quality anymore.

It's not just the ebook conversion. Book publishers and packagers have been cutting down on editors and the whole revision for the last couple of decades. "Fuck it," they say, "nobody will notice. And even if they do, they already bought the book. What are they gonna do, buy the next 'Shades of Gray' from another publisher next time?"

Comment: Re:better question... (Score 1) 355

would you be willing to receive a brand new $2000 frig/freezer for free IF it showed ads on it?

Absolutely. A little blu-tack and a kid's drawing or take-out menu and it would be a perfectly fine fridge.

On the other hand, if the ads required me to interact with them periodically or else the frig/freezer would stop keeping things cool, then no.

Comment: Another Possibility (Score 3) 232

by Fear the Clam (#47022923) Attached to: Programmers: It's OK To Grow Up

As programmers get older they simply get less excited about the idea of pulling all nighters and doing "code sprints" because they have spouses and families they enjoy, responsibilities to others outside of work, and they know that this isn't a good process for long-term success. All nighters are fun and adventurous when you're in college or just out of school, but after a few decades in the working world you're seen it all before and simply refuse to get caught up in another "emergency" caused by poor planning, unrealistic expectations, and marketing promises.

I'm not saying that programming is a young person's game--far from it. However, inexperienced workers are not only cheaper, but also far more likely to put up with bullshit and bad management.

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