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+ - Cisco complains to Obama about NSA adding spyware to routers

Submitted by pdclarry
pdclarry (175918) writes "Glenn Greenwald's book No Place to Hide reveals that the NSA intercepts shipments of networking gear destined for overseas and adds spyware. Cisco has responded by asking the President to intervene and stop this practice, as it has severely hurt their non-US business, with shipments to other countries falling from 7% for emerging countries to over 25% for Brazil and Russia."

+ - Scientists propose collider that could turn light into matter

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Imperial College London physicists have discovered how to create matter from light — a feat thought impossible when the idea was first theorised 80 years ago. From the article: 'A pair of researchers predicted a method for turning light into matter 80 years ago, and now a new team of scientists are proposing a technique that could make that method happen in the purest way yet. The proposed method involves colliding two photons — the massless particles of light — that have extremely high energies to transform them into two particles with mass, and researchers in the past have been able to prove that it works. But in replicating that old method, known as Breit–Wheeler pair production, they had to introduce particles that did have mass into the process. Imperial College London researchers, however, say that it's now possible to create a collider that only includes photons.'"

+ - 1 TB memory chip about to become reality->

Submitted by Taco Cowboy
Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "Toshiba, teaming up with its memory partner Sandisk, in a deal worth a reported 500 billion yen ($4.84 billion) to set up a plant to produce flash chip which can be as large as One Terabyte (TB) each

Inside the 1TB flash chip several layers of wafers would be stacked on top of each other using the 3D packing technique

The different layers of wafer would hooked on and linked to each others using the through-silicon via (TSV) technology

The proposed chip would be 16 times as large as the 64gigabyte (GB) flash chip Toshiba produces."

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Comment: Still Windows for my desktop (Score 1) 1215

by Feadin (#43949709) Attached to: What Keeps You On (or Off) Windows in 2013?
Reasons I still use Windows for my desktops: Consistency between OS parts, direction as a whole, design, software and hardware compatibility, stability (it hangs so much less often than a Linux *desktop* nowadays), driver support and last but not least I can play decent (contemporary) games. This is right now, I'm not talking about the future nor the past. I still prefer Linux for most of my servers though. Command line only of course.

+ - Hackers' 'Zero-Day' Exploits Stay Secret For Ten Months On Average->

Submitted by Sparrowvsrevolution
Sparrowvsrevolution (1926150) writes "Maybe instead of zero day vulnerabilities, we should call them -312 day vulnerabilities. That's how long it takes on average for software vendors to become aware of new vulnerabilities in their software after hackers begin to exploit them, according to a study presented by Symantec at an Association of Computing Machinery conference in Raleigh, NC this week.

The researchers used data collected from 11 million PCs to correlate a catalogue of zero-day attacks with malware signatures taken from those machines. Using that retrospective analysis, they found 18 attacks that represented zero-day exploits between February 2008 and March of 2010, seven of which weren't previously known to have been zero-days. And most disturbingly, they found that those attacks continued more than 10 months on average–up to 2.5 years in some cases–before the security community became aware of them. “In fact, 60% of the zero-day vulnerabilities we identify in our study were not known before, which suggests that there are many more zero-day attacks than previously thought—perhaps more than twice as many,” the researchers write."

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Comment: Re:Functional (Score 1) 370

by Feadin (#40648271) Attached to: Why Is Wikipedia So Ugly?
It is functional up to some extent, I agree with that. But it's also plain fugly. Too much info cluttered in a single screen is not good. Books are definitely not like that, as they usually have a single column with one single topic per page. If you want to change topic you have to switch to another page. Wikipedia shows too much info in too little space, and that makes it look needlessly confusing and difficult to read. It could surely use some modern techs like AJAX and HTML5 to make it faster and show/hide content on demand as needed by the reader. There's really no need to show EVERYTHING you've got at the same time, that's too 90's and has evolved to more dynamic sites for a good reason. Take Google as an example. How much info and functionality Google has? And yet it still manages to have simple and clean interfaces. Compare the Google front page with the Wikipedia front page and you'll easily see what I mean.

+ - E17 Gets A Release Manager->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Enlightenment DR17 has finally gotten a release manager and seems to be nearing an actual release. Despite losing to Duke Nukem Forever in this field, he's started a blog to keep people up to date on the progress. Sounds like something could happen soon!"
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+ - Shirt uses space suit technology to regulate body temperature->

Submitted by cylonlover
cylonlover (1921924) writes "The wrinkle-free Apollo shirt makes use of NASA technology to help regulate body temperature, while also neutralizing pit-pong and adapting to the movement of the wearer. Central to the new shirt is a new knit synthetic blend which makes use of the same kind of phase change material technology that NASA uses for the regulation of body temperature in its space suits. According to its creators, the blend pulls heat away from the body when it's hot outside and is able to feed that stored heat back to the body when the wearer moves to a cooler environment, such as an air-conditioned office. The unique blend is also claimed to have moisture wicking properties to help keep the wearer nice and dry."
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