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Comment Export the email to a PST file. (Score 1) 203

The best way to ensure the person gets the emails in a nice readable form is to export them to a PST file. Burn it on a DVD and give it to your manager and say exactly what it is and why you did it. Then the rest is up to him.

...and I know that some companies block PST creation in Outlook. No problem. Just a registry value. Google it if you need it.

Comment Company security should.. (Score 4, Insightful) 117

block your 2003 machines from the network if you plan to keep them. That is what our security people will do.

The date for end of support for 2003 has been known for like 10 years so there has been enough time to prepare for it.

IT security is not about "what can we get away with". It is about being ready before the bad people strike. And they will. And you may not even notice.

Submission FAA-2014-0396: Only a 8 more days to comment.->

An anonymous reader writes: There's only 8 days left to comment on the FAA's proposed rule — (FAA 2014-0396) "The Interpretation of the Special Rule for Model Aircraft" — also known as the "Retribution for we lost the Trappy Case Interpretation" — to prevent the FAA from implementing draconian regulations on owners, flyers, and operators of radio control aircraft.
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Submission Energy Firms in Europe, US Hit by Cyberattack ->

wiredmikey writes: Symantec said on Monday that it has identified malware targeting industrial control systems which could sabotage electric grids, power generators and pipelines. Known as the "Dragonfly group" or 'Energetic Bear', the attackers are believed to have been in operation since at least 2011. Initially, its targets were in the defense and aviation industry in the United States and Canada. In early 2013, it shifted its focus to energy firms in the U.S. and Europe.

The attacks on the energy sector began with malware sent via phishing emails to targeted personnel. Symantec observed the spear phishing attempts hitting organizations in the form of PDF attachments between February 2013 and June 2013, mostly targeting the US and UK. They emails were disguised as messages about administration issues such as delivery problems or issues with an account.

Later on, the group added watering hole attacks into its repertoire by compromising websites likely to be visited by people working in the industry and redirecting them to sites hosting an exploit kit known as Lightsout. The Lightsout kit has been upgraded over time, and eventually became known as the Hello exploit kit.

The third phase of the campaign involved the Trojanizing of legitimate software bundles belonging to three different industrial control system (ICS) equipment manufacturers using malware detected as Backdoor.Oldrea (Havex), according to Symantec's report (PDF). "The Dragonfly group is technically adept and able to think strategically," the researchers noted. "Given the size of some of its targets, the group found a “soft underbelly” by compromising their suppliers, which are invariably smaller, less protected companies."

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Comment Re:What logic! (Score 1) 139

Perhaps access to voting facilities was also a problem with their e-Voting trials. In order to cast a vote electronically; voters needed to receive a polling card.
The ability to receive the card through the mail on a timely basis and follow the instructions would be necessary to participate.

All voters in Norway receive a voting card in the mail, and I can assure you that the norwegian mail system is very reliable as well as the cards being sent out well in advance of the election.
Regarding the learning curve... Norwegians have been able to file the tax returns electronically for a number of years, and in 2012, approx 75 % of those who filed did it electronically. Also we have one of the worlds highest use of electronic banking (I have been physically to a bank exactly once during the last ten years, and my current bank does not even have such facilities. Everything is net based).

So basically, it is reasonable to assume that the results are as presented. Turnout is not due to lack of easy access to voting facilities.

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