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Comment: Circadian Clocks (Score 1) 185

by Favonius Cornelius (#39429611) Attached to: What is your most productive time of day?
For anyone who is serious about being most active from midnight to 4AM, you should seriously consider changing your lifestyle. It is being proven more and more that we have a fundamental biological requirement to be awake during sunlit hours, and especially in terms of metabolism and mental health, disobeying these laws of our nature have major health consequences.

Comment: These Aren't the Driods Your Looking For (Score 2) 74

by Favonius Cornelius (#39078463) Attached to: DNA Nanorobot Halts Growth of Cancer Cells
Wow I had no idea that the people engaging in this technology could be so sensationalist about how they talk about it. It is profound and very promising, but I hate how they are calling all these constructs 'robots' and 'nanobots' and talk about 'programming' them. That's a load of BS and it cheapens the power of the organic. These constructs are made of organic materials, not steel and silicon robots. Using this language gives the world an entirely wrong idea about what it is about and cheapens the decades of hard work of biologists and biochemists by piggy-backing sci-fi/electronic ideas and fame. Call it a biobot if you must. But then I guess as soon as you start talking about the fact that this is a reactive biological thing created by man, all the bible-bangers of the world get their panties in a bunch.
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'Weekly Episodes' Coming To Star Trek Online 62

Posted by Soulskill
from the no-janeway-holodeck-episodes-please dept.
As Star Trek Online ramps up for its Season 2 patch, the game's executive producer, Daniel Stahl, spoke in an interview about an interesting new feature: weekly episodes. Quoting: "The team has wanted to capture the spirit of the TV shows by having something new to look forward to each week. We all remember when the various series were in full swing and there was the anticipation of tuning in every week to see what happened next. It wasn't always a continuing story, but it was always Star Trek in some way or another, and over time you became familiar with the characters and plots that developed. We are curious to see if this can be replicated through the game. Every week we plan to have something new for players to do. Sometimes it could be getting an assignment to resolve a trade dispute between two races. Other weeks it could be making First Contact with a new alien race. Other weeks you might find yourself deep in trouble and have to find a solution to your predicament."

Chinese Companies Rent White Foreigners 145

Posted by samzenpus
from the token-white-guy dept.
The job market may look bad here, but if you're in China, and you happen to be white, all you need is a suit and tie. An increasing number of Chinese companies are willing to pay any price to have a few fair-skinned faux employees walking around. From the article: "'Face, we say in China, is more important than life itself,' said Zhang Haihua, author of Think Like Chinese. 'Because Western countries are so developed, people think they are more well off, so people think that if a company can hire foreigners, it must have a lot of money and have very important connections overseas. So when they really want to impress someone, they may roll out a foreigner.' Or rent one."

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