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Comment: Re:Sham Shame Show Shill (Score 3, Insightful) 311

by Fauxbo (#39425913) Attached to: The Numbers Behind the Copyright Math

For small scale performances, you need to deal with owners/managers who feel that by giving you the privilege to play, they are doing you a favour, sometimes CHARGING YOU to play at THEIR venue.

Do you know why small venue owners get away with it? Because everyone wants to be a rock star and they'll do anything to achieve that status.

If everyone wants to be a rock star and they only let you play that night, aren't they doing you a favor?

Comment: Re:So what? (Score 1) 360

by Fauxbo (#38765558) Attached to: DOJ Investigates Google, Apple, and Others For 'No Poaching' Agreement

Negotiations happen in 'back rooms' all the time. The point is we know these negotiations are going on with Unions, with these companies we don't.

I'd be fine if the companies publicly stated :
"We are working together to make sure we as corporations pay as little to employees as possible by talking about your pay behind closed doors and promising each other not to hire from each other"

Then I'd at least be informed and be able to make my decision on who I'd want to work with. Just like I can decide not to work for a company that has a union.

Comment: Re:Why?! (Score 1) 133

by Fauxbo (#37767012) Attached to: Researchers Demonstrate Quantum Levitation

Much like Jets, Quantum Mechanics are very interesting when up close and personal.

Seeing a Jet fly by 100 feet above your head will make me star slack-jawed into the sky, and think man that is big and flying... weird.

I do have a full understanding of the science behind flight and some of the science behind Quantum Mechanics (saying a full understanding would be lying, it's still freaky to think about)

Seeing this up close and personal is neat, that's all.

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